The Unglamorous MV Shooting Location That Has K-Pop Groups In A Chokehold

To be fair, they make it look much cooler!

While many K-Pop music videos take place in expensive sprawling sets and pricey overseas destinations, you’ll be surprised to find out just how many of your favorite idols filmed music videos in this totally unglamorous location.

Nestled in South Korea, totally unassuming, is Donga Land Transport Company. Across two sites, this transportation and logistics warehouse is home to thousands of blue and brown shipping containers, stacked high like giant LEGO pieces.

| Gyeonggi Film Commission

At first glance, it looks like a place no idol would be caught dead. In reality, it’s actually the shooting location of over a dozen K-Pop music videos, K-Drama episodes, and more! Despite its uninspiring look, the K-Entertainment industry has managed to turn this bland shipping site into something so cool, you’d never suspect it.

| HourPlace

Here are 10+ music videos that were all shot at Donga’s warehouses:

1. NCT 127 – “Lemonade”

| NCT 127/YouTube

The catchy 808 bass and minimal drop in NCT 127‘s Lemonade create an understated earworm that works perfectly against the not-so-fancy shipping containers.

2. LE SSERAFIM – “Antifragile”


LE SSERAFIM have long been known for their high-end runway model vibes, so it may sound surprising that they’d shoot in a shipping yard — but this hardy location is perfect for the “Antifragile” special performance video.

3. ENHYPEN – “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)”


Possibly ENHYPEN’s edgiest title track at the time of its release, it was only fitting that the hip-hop-based “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)” was shot in a location popular with South Korea’s rap artists.

4. Sik-K, Golden, pH-1, Jay Park – “Gotta Go”


Sik-K, Golden, pH-1, and Jay Park, for example, all got together at Donga Land Transport Company to film the music video for popular single “Gotta Go.”

5. Golden Child – “Pump it Up”

| woolliment/YouTube

Surprisingly, these shipping containers worked just as well for Golden Child’s upbeat and fun “Pump it Up,” spotlighting their vibrant yellow outfits perfectly.

6. AB6IX – “Fly Away”

| AB6IX Japan Official/YouTube

AB6IX’s “Fly Away” may be a Japanese track, but some of its most iconic scenes were shot at, on top of, and inside the Donga shipping containers in South Korea.

7. Kang Daniel – “Nirvana (ft. pH-1, WDBZ)”

| KONNECT Entertainment/YouTube

pH-1 must be a fan of this warehouse yard, because it made a second appearance when he featured on Kang Daniel’s track “Nirvana” with Street Dance Fighter team WDBZ (WE DEM BOYZ).

8. OnlyOneOf – “a sOng Of ice & fire”

| OnlyOneOf official/YouTube

OnlyOneOf’s incredible dance skills in “a sOng Of ice & fire” are so mesmerizing, you may not even have noticed where they’re dancing.

9. BLACKSWAN’s Fatou – “Castle Key (Roll)”

| Blackswan Official/YouTube

From the mist machine to the luxury vehicles, BLACKSWAN’s Fatou made this warehouse look far more expensive than it really is in the music video for her mixtape special “Castle Key (Roll).”

10. Berry Good – “Accio”

| Berry Good Official/YouTube

Just like in Golden Child’s music video, Berry Good’s “Accio” made Donga Land Transport Company make far brighter and cuter than it first appears.

11. BLANK2Y – “Maverick” (The Boyz cover)

| BLANK2Y/YouTube

BLANK2Y doesn’t do anything by halves, which is why they went all out for their cover for THE BOYZ’s “Maverick” — complete with a smoke-filled trip to this shipping yard.

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