Here’s 8 I-LAND Trainees That Have Received Much Attention After Being Revealed To The Public

Who’s excited for the show?

I-LAND is a collaborative project between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM that will air through Mnet to show the process of creating the next generation K-pop artist through an observational reality program. Actor Namgoong Min will be the storyteller for the show while singers Rain and Zico, along with Bang Si Hyuk, will be the judges.

Recently, they have begun to release the names and stats of some of the applicants for the show. With many of the names and stats of the trainees revealed to the public, some of them have already started to gain popularity with pre-debut photos surfacing online. Let’s take a look eight of the trainees that have garnered the spotlight recently.

1. Kim Yoon Won, 2005

He is the youngest trainee out of all the applicants for the show. There are numerous photos of him online as he was a part of a dance team in Daegu.

2. Kim Sun Woo, 2003

3. Park Sung Hoon, 2002

He used to be a figure skater before becoming a full-time trainee at Big Hit.

4. Lee Hee Seung, 2001

He has trained at Big Hit Entertainment for three years.

5. Jake, age 17

He is from Australia so there are not any pre-debut photos found of him online yet.

6. Choo Jimin, 2001

7. Jung Jae Beom, 2001

He seems to be close friends with Produce’s Kim Dong Bin. He also has his own Soundcloud account.

8. Yang Jung Won, 2004

The first episode of the program will air on June 26 at 11 PM KST.