6 Predictions For BTS’s “Dynamite” Music Video That Might Come True

Fans are predicting what the full MV will look like.

The release of BTS‘s “Dynamite” MV is just hours away, and fans couldn’t be more excited. The teaser revealed a sneak peek at what’s to come, but nobody knows what surprises BTS has in store. Here are 6 predictions that might come true!

1. The teaser is a big, fat lie

One of the most popular fan predictions is that “Dynamite” will sound nothing like what we heard in the teaser. There’s a 50/50 chance that fans could be right about this.

Some BTS teasers, like “Boy With Luv”, sound exactly like the final song.

Others, like “I Need U” and “IDOL,” sound much different. The “I Need U” teaser gave the impression that the song would be a slow jam…

…while the “IDOL” teaser featured a surprisingly different instrumental with traditional Korean instruments.

2. “Boy With Luv” will make a cameo in “Dynamite”

Fans have pointed out how similar these two videos are already, from their brightly colored sets, to their retro aesthetic. What if there’s a crossover?

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube
| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

This ARMY predicts that the “Persona” sign is hidden under “DISCO”.

3. Roller skates

In the teaser, hints of the 1960s to the 1990s can be seen, suggesting that BTS will take us on a trip through music history with their retro theme. What could be more delightfully fun and retro than roller skating?

Believe it or not, roller skates have been around since the 1700s, but when most people think “roller skates”, they’re most likely picturing roller dancers and carhops from the 1950s and 1960s or disco skaters from the 1970s. Will BTS lace up skates for “Dynamite”?

These skates would be perfect.

4. A disco extravaganza

Disco is all about sequins, rainbow dance floors, and partying late into the night. This fan predicts that there’s a funky new set to look forward to.

Will it look something like this…

| Saturday Night Fever

…or this?

| Feel Good Events/Feelgoodevents.com

5. Bringing back the ’90s

Disco is definitely 1970s, but fans have also noticed hints of the 1990s (aka the Golden Age of Boybands) in the teaser, such as these pastel outfits.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

One of the posters behind Jungkook is of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, but some ARMYs predict that the other posters could feature boybands throughout music history, including boybands from the ’90s.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

6. The cure for 2020

If there’s one prediction that could definitely come true, it’s this one!