10 Pretty Damn Amazing Things You Never Knew About Soju

It’s a helluva drink.


1. Soju has been the best selling alcoholic beverage in the world for more than a decade

2. Soju’s etymology links back to Arak, the Levantine drink, and the Goryo people called it Arak-ju (ju means alcoholic drink in Korean).

3. The original brewing methods came to Korea through the Mongols in the 12th century.

4. During Chosun, soju was so popular that it affected the national rate of rice consumption and alarmed the government.

5. It used to be a drink for the upper class

6. There are a ton of Korean songs that have to do with drinking soju!

7. Only top idols and celebrities model for soju brands.

8. Drinking soju comes with a set of proper etiquettes (which are broken as more soju is consumed).

9. Korean people reportedly drink an average of 13.7 shots per week.

10. People from different regions in South Korea prefer different brands of soju

Bonus: Soju is the drink of choice for any and all occasions, from weddings to funerals, anniversaries to breakups.