11 Problems All Girls Experience, As Demonstrated By Red Velvet

These girls are just so relatable.

1. Walking in heels

Joy‘s wobbly walk is all too familiar. Sometimes heels are just too tall or feel too awkward to walk normally. Luckily, Joy had Irene to give her a much needed helping hand. Plus Joy deserves some much-needed props for defying the laws of gravity with those towering heels on! I can’t say I wouldn’t have face-planted if I was in that same situation!

2. When your friends embarrass you

During one fan sign event, Joy revealed that when Yeri said she had a stomach ache she really needed to go to the bathroom. Yeri couldn’t help but laugh off her embarrassment. This kind of embarrassment isn’t just down to idols. Our friends are always willing to call us out and aren’t afraid to embarrass us! Then again, what are friends for?

3. When you accidentally put on too much highlighter

Makeup can be a tricky beast. Sometimes it makes you look flawless other times the application doesn’t go so well. While highlighter can add a little something, it’s easy to get out of hand! Seulgi may look fantastic with all that light on her face, but if I tried that look I would end up looking like a ghost or something!

4. When you wear the wrong outfit

Let’s be honest, we’ve all made fashion mistakes before. Even Seulgi wore an outfit that had her fellow members thinking about food! I mean who can’t think of a time when you seriously regretted an outfit you wore?

5. When you struggle to wake up

Waking up is hard even for idols. I don’t think I’ve ever related to anyone more than Irene right now!

6. When you’re caught doing something strange

Who doesn’t like to have their own dance party when they’re by themselves? Only normally we all keep this a secret because our dance moves are…kind of strange!

7. When you struggle with technology

We may like to pretend we’re the queens of social media and tech gurus but in reality, we all struggle. Thankfully even Wendy seems to have this problem!

8. When our dancing gets a little out of control

You know what they say. Dance like nobody’s watching, even if it means losing control and landing on your butt!

9. When you can’t do things that everyone else seems to

Don’t you just love it when someone assumes that you can do something just because you’re a girl? While a lot of girls can do the splits, there are many many more that are like Seulgi!

10. When you think your cute but no one else agrees

People often expect girls to act cute at all times but sometimes this just doesn’t work. Instead, you just may end up embarrassing yourself and your friends!

11. When you accidentally get scared

There’s just nothing worse than getting scared. It ends up being even worse when you get scared over something silly. And to top it off, doing said embarrassing thing in front of someone else is just the worst.

Red Velvet