Here’s What The 6 “Produce X 101” Vote Manipulation Victims Are Doing Now

Did they manage to succeed despite their unfair eliminations?

As soon as the final episode of Produce X 101 was aired, viewers immediately noticed signs of vote manipulation. After a thorough investigation, Korean police confirmed that Mnet did in fact falsify results for contestants across every Produce series, including X 101. Last year, the courts finally revealed the names of all the Produce X 101 contestants who were fairly eliminated and lost their chance at debuting in X1—here’s what they’re doing now.

1. Koo Jungmo

Despite ranking 2nd in Produce X 101‘s first episode and remaining consistently popular throughout the show, Starship Entertainment‘s Koo Jungmo was eliminated in the final episode of the show after allegedly ranking no.13. However, the details of Mnet’s vote manipulation scandal reveals that Jungmo actually ranked no.6 overall, which means she should have debuted in X1.

| Mnet

Thankfully, Produce X 101 was far from the end for Jungmo, who is now 21 years old. In April 2020, he debuted as the lead vocalist and visual of Starship Entertainment’s newest boy group, CRAVITY.

| Starship Entertainment

In August this year, CRAVITY came back with their first studio album, The Awakening: Written in the Stars, along with title track “Gas Pedal.”

| Starship Entertainment

2. Lee Jinhyuk

TOP Media‘s Lee Jinhyuk started Produce X 101 with relatively mid-range rankings, but by episode eight, he was already ranking in the show’s top three. Sadly, he finished with a rank of no.14, but we now know she actually ranked 7th and should’ve made it into X1.

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Luckily, Lee Jinhyuk already had a burgeoning career as an idol. In September 2015, long before Produce X 101, Jinhyuk debuted in UP10TION under the stage name Wei. While he didn’t return to promotions with the group after being eliminated, he did make his solo debut under his real name with “I Like That” in 2019.

| TOP Media

Since then, he’s gone on to release a new mini-album each year. Plus, in 2020, he made his acting debut as a supporting character in MBC‘s Find Me in Your Memory. Most recently, the 25-year-old played Song Jong Ho on MBC’s Check Out the Event.

| TOP Media

3. Keum Donghyun

Since Keum Donghyun didn’t make it into Produce X 101‘s top 10 until the show’s penultimate episode, viewers were a little less suspicious when the C9 Entertainment contestant failed to join the debut lineup. However, although his official rank in the last episode was no.17, details of the vote manipulation scandal revealed his real rank was 8th place.

| Mnet

Shortly after leaving Produce X 101, Keum Donghyun was already taking steps to stardom. In May 2020, he made his acting debut in the second season of VLIVE‘s web series, Best Mistake.

| KOK (King Of Korean-drama) TV/YouTube

Then, in June 2021, Donghyun (now 18 years old) finally made his long-awaited idol debut as EPEX‘s rapper, main dancer, and center under the stage name Keum. EPEX debuted with mini-album Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Anxiety and title track “Lock Down.”

| C9 Entertainment

4. Kim Kookheon

The Music Works‘ Kim Kookheon was eliminated from Produce X 101 with a final ranking of 21st place. While it’s not known what his actual ranking should have been based on votes, Kookheon was named one of the contestants unfairly eliminated by Mnet.

| Mnet

Kookheon had a long history in the K-Pop industry before Produce X 101. He originally debuted MYTEEN in 2017, though the group disbanded shortly after Produce ended. He also appeared on MIXNINE, where he ranked 18th overall. With all that determination, it’s no surprise he didn’t give up after his unfair elimination.

| The Music Works

In January 2020, 24-year-old Kim Kookheon debuted in the duo B.O.Y with fellow Produce contestant Song Yuvin, who ranked 15th in the show’s finale. After releasing a track together in August 2019, they made their official debut a few months later with Phase One: You and the title track “My Angel.”

| The Music Works

After B.O.Y disbanded in April 2021, Kookheon is now expected to focus on his solo career. He made his solo debut with digital single “Dry Flower” in August 2020.

5. Lee Jinwoo

Lee Jinwoo of Maroo Entertainment allegedly ranked no.22 in episode 11 of Produce X 101, leading to his elimination. However, he was actually unfairly eliminated by vote manipulation. Like Kim Kookheon, Lee Jinwoo’s real rank is unknown.

| Mnet

Shortly after leaving Produce X 101, Lee Jinwoo formed a project group called TEEN TEEN with fellow contestants and labelmates Lee Taeseung (final rank no.53) and Lee Woojin (final rank no.41). TEEN TEEN debuted with “It’s On You” from their mini-album Very, On Top in September 2019.

| Maroo Entertainment

Later, the TEEN TEEN members became part of Maroo Entertainment’s new boy group, GHOST9. In August 2020, now-17-year-old Jinwoo debuted as the lead dancer, sub vocalist, and maknae of GHOST9. Their latest single was “Up All Night” from the mini-album Now: When We Are in Love.

| Maroo Entertainment

6. Anzardi Timothée

Last but not least, Anzardi Timothée was the first Produce X 101 contestant to face unfair elimination. Mnet ranked him 61st in the first round of eliminations, which meant he missed the cut by just one place, but we now know his votes were actually manipulated.

| Mnet

Timothée was signed to ESteem Entertainment before Produce X 101, and he remains there to this day. Now 21-year-old, the French Korean is focusing on his career as a model.

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