Proof That BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Side Profile Is One Of The Most Beautiful In The World

100% stunning 😍

It may have already been five years since BLACKPINK made their debut, but Jisoo⁠—the visual of the group⁠—still manages to shock fans with her beauty. Her side profile in particular is so gorgeous that it’s hard to believe she actually exists!

These pictures of Jisoo’s side profile might make your jaw drop. Check them out below!

1. When her long, luscious hair framed her face

2. When a fan took her picture

3. When she held her face with her hands

4. When she glanced down

5. When she looked to her side

6. When she performed on stage

7. When she was the epitome of grace and elegance

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

8. When she looked out of a window

9. When she rocked dark eyeshadow

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

10. Finally, when she closed her eyes