Proof That Wanna One’s Jihoon Looks Amazing With Any Hair Color 

His visuals shine through regardless of his hairstyle.

It’s only been at least a year since Jihoon made his debut with Wanna One but has already undergone a number of dramatic hairstyle changes…


And is well suited for all of it! 


He made his first appearance on Produce 101 with a brown hair colour which he sported either on a messy do or a slick, Prince charming style. 


It was until he went full on blonde, however, when fans started wondering if it was his best hair colour yet.  


But there was more! From blonde, the Wanna One charmer also sported a pink do which he wore as an “apple hairstyle.” 


Since then, he has coloured his hair black, green and even silver… 


And up until recently, he went cherry red! 


Fans are now in unison that Park Jihoon’s facial features can just match any hair colour put into him.



What a feature to have! But when all else fails, he, too, can look good in a wig. 

Source: Pann

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