Here Are 10+ ARMY Reactions To PSY And BTS Suga’s “That That” Music Video That Are Relatable AF

Could this collab be any more epic?

After a long wait, full of hilarious promos and teasers, PSY finally released the track “That That” from his latest album, which featured none other than BTS‘s Suga. From the very minute the announcement was made, netizens couldn’t get over the collaboration and the snippets of the music video.

On April 29, the music video and whole track were finally released, and it’s easy to say that it was worth the wait because it was genuinely epic AF. Here’s a look at 10+ ARMY reactions to the collaboration that are relatable AF.

1. ARMYs will never get over this look from Suga… it’s a true gift.

2. These reactions speak for themselves… just wow, Suga.

3. For someone who just wanted to produce the song and go, Suga ate the choreography up!

4. The combination of PSY and Suga is too powerful for the K-Pop world.

5. Suga will never be able to escape the “Marry Me Yoongi” sentiment.

6. There’s a reason Suga is known as a lyrical genius because these lyrics hit hard AF!

7. Suga is proving that he truly is an all-rounder in K-Pop and a comedian!

8. Wait?! Are you telling me PSY and Suga’s message of the song was deeper than we thought? R.I.P “Gangnam Style”…

9. And it’s all because of Agust D?

10. Suga continues to prove the “Cat Theory” right.