Most Questionable NCT Lyrics Of All Time (That Fans Love Anyway)

NCT has said some interesting things in their songs

Over the years, NCT has been no stranger to funny, random lyrics. After all, for K-Pop fans, coming across occasionally questionable lyrics comes with the territory. But as unexplainable as some of these lyrics can be, they are so fun that fans love them all the more for it. Here are some of NCT’s most delightfully entertaining, most iconic, and most questionable lyrics of all time that won’t fail to make fans smile.


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1. “Bless me, achoo”

This is, without a doubt, the standout line in NCT 127’s “Simon Says.”


2. Walkin’ with the cheese, that’s the queso.” 

“Regular” is an iconic NCT 127 song, featuring some truly memorable and hilarious lyrics.


3. “Honey, I’m hotter than an oven (chill, chill)
We just touchin’, I don’t do no cuffin’

WayV’s “Bad Alive” is really something, huh?


4.”Sweet tooth, I ate all of the skittles. I like my doughnuts with jam in the middle.”

The English version of NCT U’s “Make a Wish” is a goldmine of hilarious and random lyrics, most of which appear to be candy-themed.


5. “You know what I’m talkin’ about baby,
Wake up right now, We gotta wakey

This line from NCT 127’s “Wakey Wakey” is easily one of Johnny’s most memorable lines.


6. “Okay, baby make it fast, We could put the country on the map, Run it back, you gon’ have me running laps, I just want you to make it clap”

While NCT 127 seems to have the monopoly on hilarious and questionable lyrics in NCT, WayV appears to be a very strong contender; first with “Bad Alive” and now with “Love Talk”!


7. This whole verse from NCT U’s Volcano

“Top shelf for step, hesitate will soon be Swayze,

What are you doing? Put everything on the line,

Inside you, inside you the path of fire is hotter,

You got blessings on blessings and there ain’t nobody stopping me, ah,

Beat goes slap, baby goes clap”

What could ‘top shelf for step’ mean?


8.”Popping out casket fresh, lookin’ like a fashion show”

We did say “Regular” was iconic — iconic enough to merit two appearances in this list. After all, one has to wonder…what does it mean to be casket fresh?


9. “Estoy loco, mi dulce coco (I’m crazy, my sweet coconut)

One of Taeyong’s wacky but lovable lines from NCT U’s “Baby Don’t Stop.”


10. “Jumpin’ on my trauma, already wear pajamas

It’s hard to say what this line from NCT 127’s “Mad Dog” means, but it’s a mood.



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