5 Quick And Recent Facts About Red Velvet’s Yeri That You Might Not Know Yet

How well do you know Yeri?

Recently, Red Velvet‘s Yeri sat down for a fun interview with W Korea, where she guessed what items were inside several Burberry bags.

She was also asked questions about herself as she played the game. Based on her answers, here are five facts about Yeri that you might know know yet!

1. Favorite dessert at the moment

When it comes to desserts, Yeri is a certified fan! She loves eating all kinds of desserts, but a recent favorite of hers is crème brûlée.

Yes, I do. I love all sorts of desserts. I’m into crème brûlée these days. That dessert is so tasty. I want it everyday, but I can’t…

— Yeri

2. Recent cause of her laughter

When asked what makes her laugh these days, Yeri readily chose the staff members of a drama that she is filming. She enjoys the time she spends with them.

When I go film my drama every day, I stick around the staff all day long. It’s so fun. Talking, laughing, and eating with them—I think that’s when I laugh the most these days.

— Yeri

3. Small hobbies that make her happy

Many people can surely relate to this one! Yeri shyly shared that one of her favorite hobbies is watching videos while lying down on her bed.

Nowadays, I love watching Netflix or watching while lying down. That’s my biggest trivial happiness. I watch one show only when I get into it. I think watching TV all day while lying down is how I relax. Is that too trivial? It’s a very precious time for me.

— Yeri

4. Favorite season of the year

It was easy for Yeri to choose between summer and winter. If she had to live in only one season for the rest of her life, she’d pick winter because of her love for Christmas.

I’ll choose winter. As a person who loves Christmas, I think about Christmas the entire December. I wish December would come sooner. I thought about this a few days ago, too, so I’ll choose winter.

— Yeri

5. Music she enjoys listening to

Last but not the least, Yeri was asked what songs she listens to before sleeping, but she admitted that she’s not in the habit of listening to music before sleeping. Instead, she listed her favorite songs at the moment, including “Chains” by Pink Sweats and “Peaches” by Justin Bieber.

The song I listen to before I sleep? Listening to music makes it harder for me to fall asleep. I’ll just say the music I listen to the most these days. I listen to Pink Sweats’ album a lot, especially ‘Chains.’ It’s my favorite these days. Oh, and Red Velvet (laughs.) Of course, I listen to them a lot. And the popular song—Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches.’ I never get tired of it.

— Yeri

Meanwhile, don’t miss out on Yeri’s full interview below!

Source: W Korea

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