6 Quick And Recent Facts About TWICE’s Sana That You May Not Know About

She shared a precious childhood memory πŸ₯°

In a recent ASMR video, TWICE‘s Sana talked about a precious childhood memory, her thoughts on the fall season, Disney movie lines, and more.

Through her answers to these questions, Sana revealed facts about herself that you might not have heard about yet. Check them out below!

1. How was being a ballerina for a day?

Starting with a question about the photoshoot that day, Sana was asked how it felt like to be a ballerina. She loved how she could finally live out her childhood dream.

At first, when I heard that the concept for the photoshoot was ‘ballerina,’ I remembered this book I had when I was young. It was a picture book. I loved that book. I had every season of that book. I read it over and over again. It was one of my favorite books, so I used to think that ballerinas were so pretty. I thought, ‘I wish I were a ballerina.‘ But I never learned ballet. Today, I got to be one for the photoshoot, so it was really great.

β€” Sana

2. What’s your bedtime routine?

Before she sleeps, Sana makes sure to stretch for the sake of her health.

I always stretch before going to bed. I always stretch before going to sleep. I feel like my blood circulation is much better after stretching, so I stick to this routine.

β€” Sana

3. What do you want to do in the fall?

Sana couldn’t hide her love for the season of fall! There’s just something about it that makes her want to travel and see the world.

It’s already fall. Can you believe it? I always feel relaxed in the fall. Of course, the situation is not good these days, but I really want to go travel when things get better. I think about that a lot these days.

β€” Sana

4. Where would you go?

The one place Sana wants to visit this fall is a forest. Aside from it being a beautiful sight because of the season, she also looks forward to stargazing there because of how relaxed she would feel.

If I could go on a trip, I want to go to a forest since it’s fall. Seeing the landscape that’s only available during this season is great. And seeing the stars from the forest would be so relaxing.

β€” Sana

5. What else do you think of in the fall?

For Sana, fall is the perfect time to do some reading: “It reminds me of books. To be honest, I don’t really get to read a lot of books. Anyway, fall reminds me of books!”

6. Favorite line from a Disney movie?

When thinking about what her favorite Disney movie line is, Sana joked that it’s “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” fromΒ Cinderella!

I like Disney movies. There are a lot of pretty dialogues in them…’Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.

β€” Sana

Her real answer, however, is a line from another Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty.

From Sleeping Beauty, there’s this line: ‘If brushed, it’s meant to be. When permeated, it’s called love.

β€” Sana

Did you learn anything new about Sana from her interview? Hear her answers for yourself in the full video below!

Source: TWICE