Ranking Of The Best Dressed Idols At The 2017 Asian Artist Award Red Carpet

K-Pop idols graced the red carpet at the 2017 Asian Artist Awards, looking stunning in their choice of fashion. Koreaboo attended the event to see which idols topped the list of our best-dressed idols!

Check out who was looking the most fabulous of them all!

19th – SNUPER

Snuper took a safe route with matching black suits with little to no accessories.

18th – gugudan

gugudan also took a safe route with simple little black dresses with the occasional glimpse of white.

17th – ASTRO

ASTRO continued on the trend of black with simple suits. Rocky’s beige turtleneck gets them an extra point!

16th – K.A.R.D

K.A.R.D looked chic in all black attires with hints of metallic accessories. J.seph’s necktie bling though!

15th – Apink

The Apink goddesses got extra points for changing blazers into mini dresses!

14th – NU’EST W

We started seeing more white in a sea of black thanks to NU’EST W!

13th – DIA

Then DIA changed up the scene with a mix of denim and leather. A little too casual for the red carpets, but lookin’ cute either way!

12th – Momoland

Momoland‘s bright lavender dresses were a breath of fresh air, but that purple and pink hair really took their whole look to a whole new level!

11th – JBJ

We’re back to a sea of black, but JBJ earns so much more for their trendy long coats and Hyunbin‘s gray-chic coat. Did we mention the white boots were so-in?

10th – Super Junior

Super Junior really makes the 10th place thanks to Heechul‘s blood glasses and Yesung‘s vampirish hair (throwback to the 90’s, anyone?).

9th – Wanna One

Wanna One nailed it with an even amount of chic suits, turtlenecks, and dashing colored hair!

8th – EXO

EXO perfectly embodied the visual of suit gods, each dressed in their best-fitting styles!

7th – MONSTA X

Talk about the perfect blend of black and pattern! MONSTA X literally took all the current trends and make it work together.


Hoshi‘s hair. Must we say more?

5th – Bolbbalgan4

These two ladies literally define fashionably cute. They matched their individual hair to their adorable plaid dress suits!


Leather, frills, sheer with a hint of victorian? PRISTIN nailed it!

3rd – Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

Yoona rocked a long bodycon that perfectly showed off her elegant S-line!

2nd – Block B’s ZICO

The only man who can wear two jackets and make it look so effortless. Swag.

1st – VIXX

VIXX takes the top as the best-dressed idols of the night! Not only do they each have an individual style, but their overall look compliments so well together. Their bold colorful ensembles stood out in the sea of safe black-suits. Shoutout to Ravi‘s sexy biker vibes!