Here Are Rare Childhood Photos Of BTS That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day

So cute!

How can anyone not enjoy looking at BTS‘s adorable childhood photos? It’s always fun to see the growth of one’s bias throughout the years!

An ARMY compiled the members’ childhood photos together, and they may just make your day. Take a look below!

1. Jin

First up, lively eldest member Jin was playful and carefree even as a child.

In one photo, he wore a suit that would be the first of many to come.

With a long face, even bangs, and a heart-shaped mouth, he was “worldwide handsome” even then.

2. Suga

Next up, fierce rapper Suga was an angel-like baby…albeit with a hiphop soul already.

His childhood photos teased the handsome man that he would become.

It’s hard to imagine that such a sweet-looking boy would become a hilariously sassy idol just a few years later!

3. RM

RM may be BTS’s leader at present, but he was once just a small child who didn’t have a care in the world.

The cute little boy who played with action figures would become a multi-millionaire who takes part in writing BTS’s songs.

4. J-Hope

The group’s main dancer, J-Hope, was sunshine and rainbows even as a kid.

His smile alone could turn anyone’s bad day into the best day of the week!


How cute is he in this dapper outfit?

5. Jimin

Meanwhile, Jimin also looked like he was born to be a star. With his styled hair and performance get-ups, he was a celebrity in the making.

He may just be holding a simple mic here, but he would eventually become one of the most celebrated singers in the world.

He was a handsome boy in every photo taken of him!


6. V

Without a doubt, V was always a pretty baby.


Although he was only a small kid, everyone could already see the makings of one of K-Pop’s top visuals.

With symmetrical features, he was the definition of cute!


7. Jungkook

Last but certainly not the least, Jungkook was always the adorable maknae that he is even with BTS.

Adorable, that’s who he is.


Like his members, he stood out in every photo, making it believable that he was born to be a star.

No one can deny that he always had a cute appearance no matter how old he was!

When it comes to visuals, BTS were cuties ever since they were children!