Here’s 25 Rare Trivia Facts About BTS That You Might Not Have Known

Did you know these BTS facts?

When we first become ARMY, we absorb so much information about BTS at once. Yet, some things were maybe overlooked in the process, or there might also just be so much content for us to ever really catch up on everything we missed all of these years.

An ARMY (@milistradamus on Twitter) asked other ARMYs if there were any super rare facts about BTS, and thousands replied! So, we have compiled a list of some that we think you might not know about already.

Here are 25 rare trivia facts about BTS that you might not have known…

1. Before BTS, there was…

2. Jimin wrote the melody for “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

3. Suga didn’t always like puppies

Now, he has a diary about raising his dog Holly.

4. RM consults with gender studies professors when writing lyrics

5. V’s dog before Yeontan

6. BTS were obsessed with the game Crossy Road

7. J-Hope won a JYP Entertainment competition

8. Jin auditioned for SM Entertainment

9. Why Suga hasn’t gotten any tattoos

10. Jimin knows how to sew

11. Jin used to model for Etude House

12. V used to cut holes in his clothes to look designer

13. Jimin was a master street dancer and had a short trainee period

14. Jungkook’s reason for going on The King of Masked Singer

15. Suga used to run a fansite

16. BTS changed the meaning of “Dream Glow.”

17. J-Hope used to have a dance blog

18. Jin had a food blog

19. Suga really loves bath bombs

20. Pre-debut, Jungkook traveled to the United States to study dance

21. RM did an OST for Fantastic Four

22. Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, and Suga used to be backup dancers

23. J-Hope used to have braces

24. Jin was classmates with Mitchell Hope

25. RM wrote a bisexual song

Source: @milistradamus