7 Of ARMY’s Most Relatable Reactions To BTS’s Upcoming Performance Of Puff Daddy And Faith Evans’ “I’ll Be Missing You”

Get your tissues ready!

BTS is getting their very own BBC One special, and they’re slated to perform in BBC Radio 1‘s famous Live Lounge!


BTS will perform “Dynamite,” “Permission To Dance,” and a special cover of Puff Daddy and Faith Evans‘ 1997 hit, “I’ll Be Missing You.” “I’ll Be Missing You” is an incredibly emotional song, and it was recorded to honor the memory of rapper The Notorious B.I.G. who was murdered in 1997.

The Notorious B.I.G. | Chris Walter/WireImage

ARMY was surprised to learn that BTS would be covering this song, and here are some of ARMY’s most relatable reactions to the news!

1. This ’90s baby who is feeling all the nostalgic feels

2. This ARMY who lives for emotional BTS covers

3. This fan whose mind is blown by the power music has to connect us

4. This person who loves how BTS uses their music to help others

5. This ARMY who is already crying

6. This fan who knows BTS=comfort

7. This ARMY who knows the cover will be absolutely amazing

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