9 Real Stories Of A.R.M.Ys Who Converted Non-K-Pop-Fans To BTS

These fans share they turned the people around them into BTS fans!

BTS fans on Reddit exchanged true stories about how they drafted their family, friends, and even strangers into BTS’s fan A.R.M.Y.


1. Love Yourself: The OR Edition

roem99, a medical student, converted surgeons into A.R.M.Ys while attending a heart transplant surgery.


It was the student’s first time in the OR so, naturally, roem99 was nervous. One of the surgeons took pity on roem99 and asked them to choose the music for the surgery.

After debating whether or not to expose their inner K-Pop nerd, roem99 played a BTS study music list, which included “House of Cards” and “Butterfly”.


The surgeons loved it! After the surgery, one surgeon asked roem99 to email him the song list so he could add some of the tracks to his own surgery playlist!


2. A.R.M.Y Dad

whell055 turned a 65-year-old father into a BTS fanboy.


whell055’s dad is an English professor but, back in the day, he used to be a music major. He even had a band into his 30s.


whell055’s father is incredibly picky about his literature and his music; if he thinks a song is trash, he’ll say so. This is why whell055 was blown away when he fell in love with BTS’s music during a long car ride. Go Go” won the professor over with its 50,000 Leagues Under the Sea reference!


3. From Acquaintances to BFFs

Vegana112 was on the receiving end of the BTS conversion. She was not a K-Pop fan, but became friends with one during her senior year of high school.


After graduation, she and her friend went to different colleges and eventually lost touch. When Vegana112 discovered BTS, years later, she decided to send her former friend a random text about BTS.

The text said something like, “I stan BTS and I finally understand why you were so obsessed with K-Pop and BTS back in high school!”.


After the text, the friends reconnected and are now planning to attend BTS’s world tour together!


4. Classroom Chaos

wishawishado, a teacher, uses BTS as part of some lessons.


wishawishado thought that a few of the female students might recognize BTS’s “Cypher PT. 4” and the chorus of “Not Today”.


Within minutes, the room turned into a concert venue! The students’ fan chants were deafening and it took quite a while for wishawishado to calm the class!


5. BTS gets the party started!

On the last day of silverglyph‘s semester, she had a party with roommates.
During the party, one roommate said, “somebody play me a song that makes me wanna rob a bank”.


silverglyph turned on “Not Today”. Although that song wasn’t enough to truly convert the roomies into A.R.M.Ys, they had a blast rocking out to the song!


6. Converting Roommates

syunni was used to listening to K-Pop on her own but, every once in a while, would show her roommates K-Pop music and videos.


After several semesters, the non-fans started to enjoy sharing K-Pop with her and even began to listen to BTS on their own time. Now syunni and her roomies are all planning to buy tickets to see BTS in Fort Worth!


7. From EXO-L to A.R.M.Y

fefedovethat “dragged” an EXO fan into the BTS fandom.


The two became friends through their shared love for EXO fan fiction. fefedovethat said that her friend wasn’t interested in BTS at first, but fefedovethat just kept spamming her with BTS fan fiction until she finally caved in!


8. BTS brings families together.

bigmoneybitchesinsufficient became a BTS fan in 2014 and, since then, has been sharing BTS videos with a younger cousin. Growing up, the two didn’t hang out much due to decade-wide age gap and the fact that they lived in separate countries.


Once bigmoneybitchesinsufficient’s cousin joined the fandom, the two reconnected over their shared love of BTS.


9. Anti-Fan to Super Fan

One of mjlmakeup‘s closest friends used to hate K-Pop with a passion.

If any of her other friends mentioned K-Pop to this anti-fan, the anti-fan would threaten to end her friendship with them.


Things changed when mjlmakeup forced her to watch Jimin‘s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” fan cam.


Suddenly, the friend went from anti-fan to Jimin stan. Once she was Jim-in, she couldn’t Jim-out!


She has also fallen hard for Suga!

Who hasn’t?

Source: Reddit