10 Real TWICE Quotes That Sound Too Outrageous To Be True

Yes, they really said this.

ONCEs love TWICE for many reasons, and one of those reasons is their absurdity. Some things that come out of the members’ mouths are so ridiculous that they seem made up, but they are 100% real!


1. “You were telling me not to flirt with you because your heart fluttered when you saw me.”

It all started during a live broadcast, when a fan wrote that Sana and Momo looked like a couple. Sana decided to tease Momo a bit by flirting with her, and Momo then told her not to flirt so easily. In response, Sana said this quote, which surely gave shippers some golden new “evidence”!


2. “Aren’t you curious about what’s on a pig’s mind?”

When Tzuyu asked Momo what animal she would pick if she could be an animal for a day, Momo didn’t hesitate to say “pig”. When asked why she chose pig, this is what she said.


3. “Let’s kill Mina.”

When she read a question aloud on Knowing Bros., Dahyun replied with this savage (and very real) answer!


4. “It was an honor to meet so many bugs.”

When asked what it was like to do TWICE’s shoot in a forest, Tzuyu replied with this very 4D answer.


5. “I will change my clothes on a live broadcast.”

Jihyo may have flustered more than a few ONCEs when she jokingly said this during a live. She kept the teasing going by asking her members if they wanted to show “it” to viewers.


6. “You shouldn’t lie, Momo. Mommy knows you’re a good girl.”

Sana said this cheesy quote during the same live broadcast in which she “flirted” with Momo. The quote was so embarrassing that Sana cutely covered herself with a blanket and leaned into Momo after speaking it.


7. “When I was young, I was told if humans go extinct, cockroaches will take over the world.”

This sounds like a scenario from a low budget science fiction movie, but anyone who has ever tried to kill a cockroach knows just how hardy they are. If any insect were to outlive the human race, it would be cockroaches!


8. “Try drinking my blood.”

Out of context, this quote sounds bizarre, but Tzuyu was just daring mosquitos to mess with her. If they tried to drink her blood, they would pay for it with their lives!


9. “With Dahyun.”

During a radio show, the host mentioned certain things that idols cannot do because of their celebrity status, such as film kiss scenes. In reply, Jeongyeon suggested that idols could, if the kiss were part of a music video. When asked who she would like to film a kiss scene with, she jokingly said she would like to do it with Dahyun!


10. “Members? I ate them all.”

Sana truly is the queen of absurd TWICE quotes! She said this during a solo live when fans asked where the rest of TWICE’s members were.