5 Reasons Why I Would Choose BTS’s Jungkook Over Oxygen

Air? Who needs it!

In 2020, it’s impossible to imagine a world without BTS in it. These GRAMMY-nominated superstars have changed the face of music, and millions of ARMYs’ lives, forever.

For Jungkook stans, life just wouldn’t be life without him in it, but thankfully, we don’t have to choose!

1. Who needs oxygen when Jungkook is a breath of fresh air?

BTS smashes stereotypes and rejects toxic masculinity just by being their authentic selves.

This multi-talented artist-athlete is living proof that people can’t be easily boxed into categories, and they shouldn’t be. How refreshing!

2. His voice gives me life

2020 has not been an easy year. It’s been a downright depressing year that will be stricken from the record come January 1, 2021. Even so, a light shines–or rather, sings–away the darkness; Jungkook’s vocals.

His sweet voice comforts and encourages fans to stay hopeful. Like the song says, “Life Goes On”.

3. If I can’t see this every day then what is the point?

Raise your hand if you check for new Jungkook photos, posts, and videos every morning, noon, and night!

| Esquire Magazine

(Guilty as charged, officer.)

| Esquire Magazine 

Did you know a healthy lifestyle begins with Vitamin JK? It’s science. Pure science.

4. He makes it impossible to breathe anyway

Medic! We need a medic over here! Jungkook’s charming personality and onstage charisma never fail to take ARMY’s breath away.

Each performance should come with this warning: may cause “death”, but it’s so worth it.

5. He’s Jungkook. Period.

There are many reasons why Jungkook has become a vital part of ARMY’s lives. This list could go on forever, so let’s just sum it up with this; ARMY needs Jungkook only slightly less than they need oxygen…

…but it’s basically a tie.