10+ Reasons Why iKON’s Bobby Will Be The Best Dad Ever

He’s beyond qualified to earn the title of #1 dad!

Recently, iKON‘s Bobby announced that he would be marrying his girlfriend, who is expecting their baby. He will officially become a dad next month, as he also revealed that they are due in September! While Bobby may be a first-time dad, he already has many great parenting skills.

Here are 10+ reasons why Bobby will be the best dad ever…

1. He’s already mastered the art of holding a baby

When he first met his nephew Raon, he was taught how to hold a baby properly.

iKON’s Bobby with Raon | 라온아빠tv[Raondadtv]/YouTube
While nervous at first, he quickly mastered the art!

| 라온아빠tv[Raondadtv]/YouTube

2. He knows how to (safely) have fun

While he loves playing games with his nephew, he always does it thoughtfully.

| silverwoong/YouTube

He’s funloving yet gentle with babies!

He can also play video games with kids! He stopped to play with Harang when he visited ODG Studios to shoot a video for the channel.

| odg/YouTube

3. He can sing lullabies

While he’s best known for rapping, Bobby can actually sing too! His go-to karaoke song is even a ballad.

He also sang on The King of Masked Singer and killed it! He will be amazing at singing lullabies too.

4. He is generous

He loves spoiling his nephew! Just imagine how he will be with his own kid.

| 라온아빠tv[Raondadtv]/YouTube
Even when he first met ODG’s Harang, he immediately gifted him a plush Winnie the Pooh, Bobby’s favorite character!


5. He is kind and affectionate

He shows so much love to his nephew!

| 라온아빠tv[Raondadtv]/YouTube
He’s extremely loving as he cares for and appreciates his nephew as much as if he was his own.

| 라온아빠tv[Raondadtv]/YouTube

6. He knows the value of hard work and persistence

Bobby has worked extremely hard to get where he is today. He moved to the United States from South Korea when he was just a kid, then a few years later, he moved back to South Korea. There, he became a trainee and participated in survival programs before ultimately debuting with iKON.

Becoming a successful idol requires patience, resilience, an unyielding work ethic, and many more skills that Bobby can pass on to his child!

7. The man knows how to push a stroller

This is an underrated skill, honestly.

| silverwoong/YouTube

8. He has been looking forward to being a father for a while now

In an interview during his solo promotion, he revealed how much he admires his brother and his brother’s relationship with his son.

9. He’s a great listener

In a video for ODG, he talked to kids about haters. He also listened to kids’ struggles with being bullied.

| odg/YouTube

10. He gives great advice

Not only did he prove to be a great listener, he sincerely was able to give them advice on how to persevere through difficulties.

| odg/YouTube

11. He himself believes he will be “the best father”

And when you believe it, you can achieve it!

12. He already has lots of practice by helping to care for his nephew

He’s already the best uncle ever. So, of course, he will become the best dad too. Several vlogs on his brother’s YouTube channel 라온아빠tv[Raondadtv] showcase Bobby’s great relationship with his nephew.

13. He has experience caring for girls too!

On an episode of iKON TVDonghyuk and Bobby worked at a childrens’ spa. He helped apply facials and even did manicures for little girls!

14. Kids love him!

When asked to choose between Bobby or B.I on MIX & MATCH, Epik High Tablo‘s daughter Haru chose Bobby. She even chose him over BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon!

If that’s not enough proof, check out the video he did for ODG. His interactions with the kids are priceless as he effortlessly communicates with them like their old friends.

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Don’t forget to visit Bobby’s brother’s YouTube channel to see even more wholesome videos of Bobby with Raon!

Source: 라온아빠tv[Raondadtv]