5+ Reasons Why “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Really Should Have Chosen Lee Nadine

They were actually a match made in Inferno.

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Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno 2 concluded this week, and three couples escaped Inferno.

Choi Jong Woo (left) and Shin Seul Ki (right) | Netflix

Many viewers were hoping that one of the couples from the show would have been fan favorites Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young. Since he joined Single’s Inferno 2, Nadine was drawn to him, and it seemed like the feeling was mutual.

We had all been anticipating their escape to Paradise for a date to really get to know each other. Finally, in Episode 9, it happened.

Yet, while with Nadine in Paradise, he told her she was his second choice. He really wanted to have taken Shin Seul Ki instead, but Choi Jong Woo had already picked her for his Paradise date.

Lee Nadine | Netflix

So, it was not looking like Nadine was actually a potential choice for him in the end. Still, he communicated to Seul Ki on their last day in Inferno that he had not decided yet.

Shin Seul Ki | Netflix
Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Regardless of what he said to Seul Ki, everyone else was discerning that he preferred her over Nadine. So, everyone was shocked when he stopped and stood next to Nadine at the end (the man is literally supposed to stop and stand next to the woman he chooses) for quite some time.

But Jin Young ultimately left Nadine for Seul Ki, who chose Jong Woo.

Obviously, since Jin Young really didn’t have a chance with Seul Ki anyway, he made a mistake, especially considering Nadine was interested in him. That’s not all, though. More than anybody, they were incredibly compatible, having numerous things in common.

So, here are 5+ reasons why Jin Young really should have chosen Nadine…

1. They’re both YouTubers.

Nadine didn’t identify as a YouTuber but correctly guessed that Jin Young was. It was likely because like recognizes like.

| Netflix

Nadine actually shares a YouTube channel with her family. They previously went viral with Nadine’s university acceptances video.

Jin Young is very active with his YouTube channel as DEX since it’s his current job. While he originally wanted to start it to cover topics related to his military background, he opted for miscellaneous content, such as vlogging, streaming, etc. He wanted to focus on gun-related content but couldn’t due to restrictions in Korea.

2. They both served in the military.

Jin Young was a part of the Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla unit (ROKN UDT/SEAL). During their Paradise date, Nadine revealed she briefly served in the ROTC (The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps).

| Netflix

3. They both like motorcycles.

Nadine was shocked that Jin Young had a motorcycle since she was a fan of vehicles.

| Netflix

4. They both like guns.

With both having a military background, naturally, they would have things in common, such as their interest in guns. Nadine revealed she actually had a lot of experience with shooting guns.

| Netflix

They even suggested shooting together if he visited her in the U.S.

| Netflix

5. She lives in the U.S., and he wants to move to the U.S.

Jin Young revealed that he was planning to move to the U.S. at the end of the year due to the restrictions in Korea surrounding gun content. Upon hearing that, Nadine suggested he visit her in Boston since she lives there for university.

| Netflix

6. They wanted similar relationships.

Nadine didn’t want a clingy significant other. Instead, she’d prefer a “casual but hot” relationship; based on Jin Young’s vibe, he was similar.

| Netflix

Not only that but Nadine wanted her significant other to be someone who was “focused on work.” Similarly, Jinyoung wanted him and his partner to both be “confident” in their respective areas.

| Netflix
| Netflix

7. They would always be matching since they prefer to wear all-black.

They didn’t even have to say it. We could tell that Nadine and Jin Young both preferred wearing black.

| Netflix

8. She’s his type.

Lastly, Nadine technically fits Jin Young’s description of his “type.” He told Seul Ki that he liked “cute and sexy.”

| Netflix

Nadine surely is both cute and sexy.


Even he himself told her she was cute…

| Netflix

Imagine turning down Lee Nadine? Couldn’t be us.

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