7 Recent Facts About TWICE’s Chaeyoung That She Divulged In Her Live Broadcast

1. She got hair extensions.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung recently held an individual live broadcast where she revealed some interesting facts about herself that you might not have heard about yet.

Check them out below!

1. Her hair extensions

Chaeyoung boasts long, luscious hair, and it turns out it’s partly due to hair extensions. She confidently revealed it to fans as she touched her hair.

I got hair extensions.

— Chaeyoung

2. Her coffee habit

When it comes to coffee, instead of making her feel more awake, it makes her want to sleep.

Will I stay awake if I drink coffee now? I sleep well after drinking coffee.

— Chaeyoung

When a fan asked her if she likes it more with or without sugar, she immediately replied, “I like coffee without sugar.

3. The songs she likes at the moment

As an artist herself, Chaeyoung enjoys listening to many songs, and she has some recent favorites! She singled out Jaden Smith‘s “Boys And Girls” as well as The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber‘s “STAY.”

The song title earlier was Jaden Smith’s ‘Boys And Girls.’ I like the song ‘STAY’ by Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI too.

— Chaeyoung

4. Her favorite season

Chaeyoung is usually a big fan of the summer season. Lately, however, she finds herself looking forward to winter.

My favorite season? It was always summer, but this year, I’m waiting for winter.

— Chaeyoung

5. Her incoming “Melody Project”

Chaeyoung is no stranger to TWICE’s Melody Projects! She released one in 2016…

…and another one with Dahyun in February.

Lucky for fans, she’s not stopping there! She announced that she’s already preparing her next Melody Project, and it’s set to be released next month.

Yes, I am. I am preparing. I think it will be released in October, around that time. One thing I want to say is…no. I’m not spoiling. I won’t.

— Chaeyoung

6. Food that “brings appetite”

There are many different kinds of food in the world, but the one type that never fails to make Chaeyoung eat more is noodles. She particularly loves cold and spicy noodles.

Noodles. In my case, noodles brings appetite, like cold noodles or spicy cold noodles.

— Chaeyoung

7. Her favorite show on Netflix at the moment

Last but not the least, Chaeyoung revealed what she’s been watching on Netflix recently. She recommended the series Love Death + Robots for its many enjoyable stories.

On Netflix, I’m watching ‘Love Death + Robots.’ It’s a series with two seasons. Each episode is short and has a different story. It’s an animation, and it was created by different people. They all have different colors, but they’re really good. The episodes aren’t that long. You can enjoy it lightly. It’s good.

— Chaeyoung

Did you learn anything new about Chaeyoung today?

Source: Naver Live