Red Velvet Embody Their Birth Month Flowers, Both In Beauty And Meaning

Red Velvet is in full bloom~

Red Velvet has designated colors, animals, fruits, weapons, and drinks! But what they don’t have are representative flowers, at least, not officially. They each have birth month flowers, and the parallels are accurate.

1. Irene And Jonquils

March has two representative flowers, which works out because there are two members of Red Velvet with March birthdays. And though the two flowers look similar, the meanings are slightly different.

Jonquils symbolize luck, friendship and domestic bliss and when gifted are used to deliver feelings of support and affection.

As the sweetest smelling blossoms of the Narcissus, March babies have a great temperament and will do anything for their friends and families.

— Rae Oliver/TrulyExperiences

@IS9194/Twitter & Canva

No wonder Irene’s such an amazing leader!

2. Seulgi And Primroses

Red Velvet also has two February birthdays, but fear not! They each get their own flower. Primroses can mean many things, like youth, love, optimism, and protection, and in the Victorian language of flowers, it means “I can’t live without you.”

Seulgi is the embodiment of all of these meanings, and Red Velvet and Reveluvs can’t live without her. Known for her optimistic mindset and love for her members, Seulgi’s affectionate nature is rounded out by her youthful energy and cuteness.

@hi_sseulgi/Instagram & Canva

3. Wendy And Violets

Violets symbolize humility, loyalty and faithfulness, and as a gift they are a great way of showing how much you care about someone and that you’ll always be there for them.

Wendy’s compassion and generosity have made her beloved by everyone, so there’s no better flower to represent her.

@todayis_wendy/Instagram & Canva

4. Joy And Asters

The myth behind Asters are that they bloomed from the stardust tears of Astraea, a Greek Goddess, who had asked to be turned into a star.

Asters symbolize elegance, powerful love, and courage, and everyone knows Joy exudes elegant beauty and confidence.

@_imyour_joy/Instagram & Canva

5. Yeri And Daffodils

Like Irene, Yeri is a March baby, and her flower is even from the same family. Maybe she really is Irene’s child.

Daffodils symbolize many things, like renewal, inspiration, honesty, and forgiveness, to name a few.

People born in the month of March are some of the most amiable you’ll run into! Their easy-going natures are like a ray of sunshine into the lives of those around them.

— Rae Oliver/TrulyExperiences

Red Velvet Official Fanclub/Lysn & Canva

Daffodils match Yeri’s bright and playful personality perfectly!

Source: TrulyExperiences, TrulyExperiences and TrulyExperiences

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