Here’s How Much Red Velvet Have Changed With Each New Concept

Red Velvet never does the same look twice.

From “Happiness” to “Really Bad Boy”, Red Velvet has gone through numerous concepts and stylings over the last four years. To celebrate Red Velvet’s latest comeback, here’s a look back at Red Velvet’s transformation from 2014 to 2018.


1. 2014 Debut –  “Happiness”

Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine Red Velvet without Yeri, but at the time of their debut Red Velvet was a 4-member group.

For their debut concept, the members sported bright ombre hair and a tropical nature theme in their first music video, “Happiness”.


2. 2014 – “Be Natural”

After only two months, Red Velvet came back with a much different look for their “Be Natural” MV.

The members traded in their rainbow hair and girlish, summer outfits for suits, high heels, and a mature, sexy vibe.


3. 2015 – “Automatic”

“Automatic” may be the first time Red Velvet introduced the retro concepts that have followed the group up until their most recent comeback.

For this particular throwback, the members channeled their inner 80s goddesses and went for a softer looked than they did in “Be Natural”. Red Velvet also went from uniform dark hair to uniform shades of blonde for this concept.


4. 2015 – “Ice Cream Cake”

“Automatic” and “Ice Cream Cake” were released only a day apart, so there isn’t a major style change between the two, at least as far as hair is concerned.

The retro concept in “Automatic” continues on in this MV, but instead of going for 80s, this music video channels a mid-century aesthetic complete with pastel tennis skirts and cute ponytails.


5. 2015 – “Dumb Dumb”

A few months later, Red Velvet dropped one of their most iconic music videos to date, “Dumb Dumb”, which showed Red Velvet’s fun, quirky side.

Although the members wore a number of outfits in the video, these whimsical red dresses and cartoonish hairstyles are particularly memorable.


6. 2016 – “One of These Nights”

In the first quarter of 2016, Red Velvet came back with “One of These Nights”, a dream-like slow jam with matching visuals.

From various hair lengths to hair colours, the members had more individualistic looks in this video than in previous videos.


7. 2016 – “Russian Roulette”

Red Velvet’s individual styling grew even more diverse for “Russian Roulette, ranging from platinum blonde, to tangerine orange, to soft brown.

For this comeback, the members brought back the tennis uniform look from “Ice Cream Cake”, and paired it with the solid, bright red from “Dumb Dumb’s” dresses.


8. 2017 – “Rookie”

In some ways, “Rookie” could be considered a nod to Red Velvet’s debut MV, “Happiness”. Like “Happiness”, “Rookie” has a borderline psychedelic nature theme complete with tropic colours and matching styling.

“Rookie” takes Red Velvet’s roots and blends them with the group’s more refined quirkiness that developed over the previous years. In this video, the members rock long, black, brown, and reddish hair, and patterned outfits that all come together perfectly.


9. 2017 – “Red Flavor”

In 2017, Red Velvet came back with one of their most bizarre videos ever, “Red Flavor”, wherein they interview fruit – yes, fruit!

For this concept, the members stuck with a similar hair dye palette to that of “Rookie”, but tried out the colours on different members. Their outfits for this comeback were simple and breezy, and perfect for the summer season.


10. 2017 – “Peek-a-Boo”

In November 2017, Red Velvet did a total 180 and came back with an eerie, post-Halloween concept and MV that gained them many new fans.

The red crowns and dresses worn in “Peek-a-Boo” quickly became the group’s most iconic look since “Dumb Dumb”.


11. 2018 – “Bad Boy”

Red Velvet continued on with their dark vibes and bad girl themes for “Bad Boy” in January 2018.

The members once again did an 80s throwback combined with a femme fatale flavor that was both creative and memorable.


12. 2018 – “#Cookie Jar”

In 2018, Red Velvet once again came back as iconic summer queens for “#Cookie Jar” and wore vintage, sky blue outfits for their promo photos.

Although “#Cookie Jar” is definitely a summer bop, the video keeps the same unsettling undertones that made “Peek-a-Boo” stand out.


13. 2018 – “Power Up”

“Power Up” proves that Red Velvet hasn’t lost their love for tropical colours and fruity flavors.

This past summer, the girls put on their best picnic outfits and styled their natural-coloured hair in a casual, beachy way.


14. 2018 – “Really Bad Boy”

Halloween concepts during the Christmas season? ReVeluvs aren’t complaining! Fans were excited for Red Velvet to return to their “Bad Boy” femme fatale vibes.

The retro-chic styling for “Really Bad Boy” brings fans right back into the world of “Bad Boy” and “Peek-a-Boo”.

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