Red Velvet Each Wore Different Styles Of Clothing On The Way To The Philippines, And They Were All Stunning

Here’s what style they chose.

Red Velvet recently made their way to the Philippines in preparation for the Be You: The World Will Adjust concert.

They each wore a slightly different style of clothing to Incheon airport that showed off their individuality. Check them out below!

1. Irene

First up, Irene was cute and sweet in her yellow tube top and cardigan pairing. The knitted material added a soft touch to her overall look.


She exuded “girl next door” vibes from top to toe and she was as fresh as can be.

Irene reminded everyone why she’s nicknamed “The Original Visual.”

2. Yeri

Yeri, on the other hand, chose to wear a street style-like look for the trip.


She was comfy and cool in her oversized neon yellow shirt and baggy pants. The former was the Phipps “Motocross T-Shirt” and the latter was the Kijun “Logo Cargo Pants.”

Of course, she made it seem like these clothes were made for her.

3. Seulgi

Seulgi, meanwhile, was trendy and chic at Incheon airport.


She wasn’t shy to show off her stunning physique in black pants and an SMFK crop top, her toned abs being the highlight of the entire outfit.

It’s no surprise why she is often considered one of the top girl crushes in K-Pop.

4. Wendy

While also wearing white like Seulgi, Wendy’s fashion was more feminine. She donned a white BENSIMON blouse with ruffled edges, exuding grace and elegance.


She captivated fans and reporters alike with her beauty.

5. Joy

Last but certainly not the least, Joy was a total bombshell in a gray mini skirt that emphasized her long, long legs.


When it comes to naturally exuding sexiness, there’s no doubt that she has it down to a T.

All eyes were on her—and for good reason!

Red Velvet continues to prove that they’re a group full of visuals!

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