The Top 10 Most-Viewed Fancams Of Red Velvet’s Irene (& What Made Them So Great)

She’s literally perfect 😍

Can any ReVeluv resist Red Velvet Irene‘s incredible fancams? Judging by their views on YouTube, definitely not. Here are 10 of Irene’s most-watched fancams of all time—along with what made them so rewatchable.

10. “RBB”

In at no.10 is Irene’s performance of “RBB” at the Iseul Live Festival, hosted by Irene’s then-partner brand Chamisul. The fancam currently has over 1.7 million views and over 23,000 likes on YouTube, and for good reason. “RBB”‘s choreography highlights Irene’s great dancing skills and seems to be what got fans watching this fancam over and over again.

9. “Dumb Dumb”

“Dumb Dumb” comes in at no.9 with over 1.76 million views and 20,000 likes on YouTube. What makes this fancam special, aside from Irene’s incredible performance, is the sound of Irene’s female fans screaming her name and the lyrics she sings with such volume, you feel compelled to yell along.

8. “Zimzalabim”

During Red Velvet’s fansign event at South Korea’s Everland theme park, they performed two of their hit songs, “Red Flavor” and “Zimzalabim”. However, it seems like there was a miscommunication with the group’s sound team, because Irene and her members were lined up to perform the latter when “Red Flavor” suddenly started playing. The way Irene rushed to change her position was undeniably adorable, hence why this fancam now enjoys over 2 million views and 26,000 likes on YouTube.

7. “Bad Boy”

One of Red Velvet’s most known songs that represents the group’s “velvet” side joins the list at no.7. Irene’s “Bad Boy” fancam from MBC‘s Show! Music Core currently has over 2.1 million views on YouTube and has also surpassed 21,000 likes. The comments are full of praise for Irene’s excellent execution of the choreo and her incredible skills as a center.

6. “Red Flavor”

The Mnet M Countdown “Red Flavor” performance comes in at no.6 with 2.6 million views and 14,000 likes on YouTube. Many people praised Irene’s professionalism during this performance as she executed every single move of the fast and complex choreography perfectly, even though her dress seemed uncomfortably short.

5. “Red Flavor”

The first top five entry is another “Red Flavor” performance. This time, it’s Irene’s performance at the 2017 Ulsan Summer Festival that turned heads and got her a fancam with over 3 million views and 16,000 likes on YouTube. This particular fancam showcases Irene’s freshness as well as her dancing abilities, proving once again that she’s one of the most skilled centers and lead dancers in K-Pop.

4. “Power Up”

At no.4 we have yet another Red Velvet summer smash hit, “Power Up”. The Show! Music Core fancam currently enjoys over 3.1 million views and almost 40,000 likes. At the beginning of the performance, Irene gets startled when the music starts, and the comment section seemed to find that super cute.

3. “RBB”

With over 3.6 million views and 34,000 likes at no.3 comes another “RBB” performance. The dance break transitioning from “Bad Boy” to “RBB” has captured millions of views and praise for Irene. Other than her skilled dancing, Irene’s face expression also captivated the viewers and made them fall in love with her all over again.

2. “Power Up”

Another “Power Up” performance comes in at no.2. Irene’s appearance at Chamisul’s Iseul Live Festival definitely captured fans attention, with Irene giving more than 100% on stage. The video currently has over 3.7 million views and almost 35,000 likes on YouTube.

1. “Red Flavor”

And queen of all Irene fancams is her iconic viral “Red Flavor” video. With over 4.6 million views and 27,000 likes, this Caribbean Bay fansign fancam went viral on various social media platforms because of how Irene completely blanks out and forgets the choreography. Of course, she recovered just as quickly, impressing ReVeluvs and non-fans alike with her quick wits.

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