8 Irene Quirks That Only Hardcore Fans Know About

Some of these quirks might surprise you.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Red Velvet‘s Irene. She’s beautiful, kind, talented, humble, and one of a kind. Here are just some of the many little habits that will make you love her even more than you already do!


1.  Smelling everything

Irene has a cute habit of sniffing anything in that’s in smelling range.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Even if it doesn’t have a scent…

…Irene will still smell it!


2. Raising her eyebrow

For some people, raising one eyebrow is a skill that takes a lot of practice…

…but it comes naturally to Irene.

In fact, she doesn’t even do it on purpose!

This adorable quirk always sends fans’ hearts fluttering…

…because it seems like Irene is flirting every time she does it!


3. Staring at Seulgi’s lips

Fans have noticed that Irene has a peculiar habit of gazing at Seulgi’s lips whenever she’s talking.

Most people look in the other person’s eyes to show that they’re paying attention to what the other person is saying…

…but Irene is always focused on Seulgi’s mouth.

Seulgi is so used to it though, that she doesn’t seem to mind!


4. Touching her members’ armpits

Irene may seem serious, but underneath that cool exterior is a prankster waiting to strike.

Irene gets a kick out of touching her members’ armpits when they’re least expecting it!


5. Holding the world in her hands

Irene is a woman of many talents, but this particular hands-on skill is incredibly useful for everyday tasks.

Her dainty hands are able to hold an impressive number of objects at once.

She has been spotted holding one drink for each of her four members…

…and carrying five heavy grocery bags without any help!


6. Touching her hair when she’s speaking

This is one of Irene’s most noticeable habits.

She is constantly brushing her hair away from her face…

…in the most elegant way possible.

Take notes, mortals…

This is how a goddess fixes her hair!


7. Holding her hair back when she bows

When the other members bow during the greeting, they let their hair flop over…

…but Irene keeps hers under control!


8. Holding onto her members

When walking in public, Irene likes to keep her members close to her. She holds their hands…

…or hooks her arm through their arms.

She also likes to hold onto one other very important person…

…her manager!

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