10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Looked Absolutely Unreal At Her 32nd Birthday Party

Her visuals never disappoint.

Red Velvet‘s Irene turned 32 last March 29 and celebrated with fans a few weeks later on April 13. This solo birthday party, dubbed “2023 Happy Irene Day,” was held at the Yes24 Live Hall in front of hundreds of fans.

Many of them uploaded jaw-dropping photos and videos of Irene throughout the ceremony.

Check out some of the best ones below!

1. Sexy Dancing

First up, Irene gave fans a heart attack when she danced this sensual cover of Ariana Grande‘s “Focus.”

2. Surprise Aegyo

Though it was a sexy cover, she peppered in the cutest aegyo moves to the delight of all those watching.

3. A Princess

In a 180 degree concept turn, she was also lovely in her princess dress complete with a tiara.

4. As Fresh As Can Be

It’s hard to believe she’s one of the oldest active K-Pop idols with how fresh she looks day after day!

5. Heart Poses

Irene gave a heart-stopping laugh when a fan complimented her poses.

6. Tearing Up

She proved that she’s pretty no matter what…even when tearing up as she read fan messages.

7. Far Away

Irene is always absolutely gorgeous even from far away.

8. Unreleased Song

She was charismatic when performing her unreleased solo song.

9. Faced Covered

Despite most of her face being covered by the paper, her visuals were still top notch.

10. White Dress

Irene was graceful and elegant in a long white dress.

11. Posing Cutely

Finally, her poses during the event were all breathtaking!

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