6 New Things We Learned About Red Velvet’s Joy In Her Recent Interview

She can’t stop smiling when looking at #3!

Red Velvet‘s Joy spent the month of June promoting her solo debut “Hello”.


Now in July she finally has chance to catch her breath before working on Red Velvet’s reported August comeback. During this rest, she sat down with Singles Korea to catch her fans up as to how she’s doing as part of their These Days interview series.

| SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

Here are 6 things we learned from her interview:

1. In one word… Joy!

When asked to sum herself up in a word, Joy could really only really reply one way; Joy!

“Joy these days can be described as ‘joy'” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube 

She explained that “want to live up to the meaning of my name” before summing up the question quite well. “Joy these days, is joy.”

“I want to live up to the meaning of my name. Joy these days, is joy.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube 

2. What motivates Joy?

When asked what gives her positive motivation, Joy replied in a way that was wise beyond her years. She explained that “motivations can’t be positive every time.”

“Motivations can’t be positive every time. Motivation itself makes me feel tired sometimes.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube 

She then continued by saying that while motivation can tire her out, she tries to turn it around by changing her perspective.

“But, I try to take motivations positively by changing my perspective.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube 

She ended the question by saying that, overall, her job is what gives her motivation.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

3. Haetnim the happy dog

After being asked what makes her smile, Joy took a long pause before revealing her answer.

(thinking) | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube 

It’s my dog, Haetnim. I can’t stop smiling looking at her,” was Joy’s eventual response.

It’s my dog, Haetnim. I can’t stop smiling looking at her.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

Based on the pictures Joy uploads to her Instagram of Haetnim, we can’t stop smiling either!

Joy and Haetnim | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

4. Joy likes pictures of Joy too

The interviewer next asked “what pictures do you have on your phone?” to which Joy didn’t hesitate to respond that there were “… a lot of pictures of me.”

“Usually, I ask people a lot to take pictures of me.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

Joy does share phone’s her photo album, however, with her beloved dog Haetnim. “There’s many pictures of Haetnim that I received from my family,” she said.

Joy and Haetnim | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

5. Listening to music, old school

Joy’s recent debut mini-album, “Hello” was full of covers of rock and R&B songs from the lates 1990’s and early 2000’s and it seems that Joy is doing more than just performing those songs.

“I’m into listening to R&B music these days.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

When asked what she does for fun, Joy shared that she had been “listening to many 90’s R&B songs.”

“I’m listening to many 90’s R&B songs.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

6. SM stands for “So Maybe I forgot to subscribe?”

The last question Joy was asked was “What is the last YouTube channel you subscribed?” This is when Joy shared her biggest surprise of the interview.

What is the last YouTube channel you subscribed?” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

I found that I wasn’t subscribing the YouTube channel of SM Town,” Joy shared, “So I subscribed it recently.”

“I found out I wasn’t subscribing the YouTube channel of SM Town. So, I subscribed it recently.” | SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

Joy ended the interview by sharing her worries that she’s becoming a boring person but this interview proved just how interesting Joy is. Make sure to send Joy lots of love and let us know what you found most interesting from this interview. Check it out below!

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