8 Times Red Velvet Members Went Viral Online, For Unexpected Reasons

Red Velvet knows how to go viral…. and most of the time, it’s just the girls being the girls!

Red Velvet is one of the hottest girl groups around and it’s not for no reason – the girls are talented and know how to have a good time! Their hilarious antics and gorgeous visuals have led to many viral moments in the online community, but that’s just the girls being themselves. Check out 8 times Irene, Wendy, Joy, Seulgi, and Yeri went viral… for strange or unexpected reasons.


1. Joy is the “girl in the rainbow dress”

When a non K-Pop fan watched Red Velvet’s Inkigayo comeback showcase for “Peek A Boo”, where Joy wore a stunning rainbow colored dress, the netizen couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous she was. The problem was, the fan knew nothing about K-Pop, so she had resorted to calling Joy the “Kpop girl in the rainbow dress”. This went viral super quickly, with Joy being called “rainbow dress girl” over and over again.


2. Their sneaky eating game

When Red Velvet took part in Henry‘s Snowball Project, they played a game where they had to eat during class without being caught. Their hilarious antics went completely viral, with non K-Pop fans sharing it without knowing names!


3. Irene’s “inappropriate” wedding attire

Irene (and the other Red Velvet members) was criticized for some photos that surfaced of the group at an SM Entertainment staff member’s wedding. She wore white and stood close to the bride and the photos went viral for her “inappropriate” choice of color. However, fans defended her, saying the girls attended as guests of the groom and were only standing on the bride’s side for the unofficial shot. A text message from a guest showed that the photo in particular was a separate shot with the celebrities only.


4. Joy’s casual sitting pose

When Joy was waiting in the artist area at the 2017 MAMAs, fans didn’t waste the opportunity to capture pictures of her. But the photos went viral thanks to how beautiful she looked in her super casual, unaware pose.


5. Seulgi in real life

An Instiz post featuring pictures of Seulgi just walking around on the streets went viral when netizens realized how perfect her proportions were in real life.


6. Irene posted a selfie

Irene’s selfie during Red Velvet’s “Rookie” promotions went viral in South Korea and her name became one of Naver’s top searched names for hours after she posted it. Netizens pointed out how perfect her makeup was and how rare it was for her to upload a selfie at all.


7. “One of These Nights” is about the Sewol tragedy

Red Velvet’s MV “One of These Nights” went viral, not only because of the amazing vocals or beautiful visuals, but because of a fan theory that it was about the Sewol tragedy. The theory was posted by blogger freyr25, who argued the MV referred to the Sewol tragedy due to the set design, promotional images and MV story. The teaser images used paper cranes, the symbol of remembrance for the tragedy, and the girls throughout the MV are surrounded by water, appear drenched in rain and walk through doors into “heaven”. The sets also look like the corridor of a boat, and the room (pictured below) is tilted like a sinking ferry.



8. “Dumb Dumb” 2x faster

When Red Velvet appeared on Weekly Idol, they were challenged to dance to their song “Dumb Dumb” at twice the normal speed. And they nailed it! The clip went viral because of their perfect timing… and the fact they smiled throughout the entire thing.

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