Red Velvet’s Photographer Releases Never Before Seen Album Photos (40+ HQ Photos)

Never before seen HQ photos of Red Velvet!

Photographer Song Si Young was the mastermind behind Red Velvet‘s album photoshoots for “Dumb Dumb”, “Red Flavor”, and “Peek-A-Boo”. He’s just recently revealed some of the B-Cut photos that either never made it on the album, never been released in HQ, or never been released without graphic makeovers.


“Dumb Dumb”

1. Yeri’s adorable hide and seek


2. Seulgi and Irene’s playful B-Cut


3. Wendy’s photo card in HQ


4. A new look at the adorable Dumb Dumb line


5. Yeri and Seulgi look playful as ever


6. The Irene we all wanted to see in HQ


7. Wendy’s Dumb Dumb mask


8. Seulgi’s candid


9. Joy with a colorful brick? Bag? Random block?


10. Yeri caught red handed


11. Seulgi in a box


12. The famous shot without its graphics


“Red Flavor”

13. The famous shot without its graphics part 2


14. The red mafia


15. Irene the queen of floppy hats


16. Yeri lounging


17. Missing Joy’s fierce red hair


18. Wendy’s nonchalant gaze


19. Seulgi and Yeri holding hands as flowers among flowers


20. Can you spot Yeri among the flowers?


21. Can you spot the Yeri among the grape?


22. Joy and Irene’s sexy gaze like no biggie


23. Seulgi’s on the sexy-gaze-team too


24. Irene’s fabulous accessories



25. Wendy and Tinkerbell


26. Wendy caught in headlights


27. Is this Joy with Green Lantern’s ring?


28. The famous “Peek-A-Boo” shot


29. Irene the Queen


30. Mysterious legs part one


31. Mysterious legs part two


32. Wendy in a blanket


33. Joy the Queen


34. Peek-A-Boo, I see you!


35. Seulgi the Queen


36. Red Velvet the Queens


37. Joy in black


38. Wendy looking beautiful in retro


39. Red Velvet’s beauty can’t even be hidden by blurs


40. Seulgi and her new plant friend


41. Irene looking retro-chic in sequin


42. Yeri looking fierce in colors and shadows


43. Yeri, the cutest button

Source: Dispatch, MLB Park Donga and FM Korea

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