4 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi And TWICE Were Outfit Twins

Who wore them best?

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi isn’t just friends with the TWICE members; she often wears the same outfits as them too. Check out these four times the girls raided each other’s wardrobes.

1. Seulgi & Jeongyeon

Seulgi and Jeongyeon both wore this $6,550 USD green A-line coat from Louis Vuitton‘s SS2020 collection. Seulgi wore hers in April 2020, pairing it with a limited-edition Louis Vuitton bag worth $3,900.

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Jeongyeon wore hers in June 2020 with a mini dauphine bag and silhouette sandals, both from Louis Vuitton.

| Harper’s BAZAAR

2. Seulgi & Nayeon

Seulgi and Nayeon both wore this full Louis Vuitton ensemble—a $2,000 USD button-up shirt, a $2,000 USD sleeveless V-neck, and a $3,100 USD ruffled skirt. Seulgi wore hers in a shoot for NYLON Korea in May 2020.

Nayeon wore hers in a shoot for Harper’s BAZAAR in June 2020.

| Harper’s BAZAAR

3. Seulgi & Dahyun

Seulgi & Dahyun both wore this Allia floral-embroidered, linen-blend mini dress from Zimmerman, worth $950 USD. Seulgi wore hers at Red Velvet’s La Rouge concert in November 2019 paired with $115 cherry red sunglasses from RAVENTEARS.

Dahyun wore hers on the red carpet at the Genie Music Awards in August 2019 with matching white shoes.


4. Seulgi & Sana

Seulgi and Sana both wore this $110 plaid “Immaculate” two-tone kilt from MadeMe NYC. Seulgi wore hers with a vintage Ralph Lauren sweater at a music festival in September 2015.

Sana wore hers with a denim jacket during a performance of TWICE’s debut song, “Like OOH-AHH”, on Inkigayo in October 2015.