Red Velvet Yeri’s Hair Color Evolution Through The Years Will Have You Shook At How Much She’s Matured

Yeri is Red Velvet’s gorgeous maknae!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is the group’s adorably bubbly and super savage maknae! She’s loved for her incredible skills and talents, and has some beautiful visuals to boot! Here is Yeri’s hair color evolution throughout the years, and through it, you will also see how much she’s grown!

1. SM Rookies Era


2. “Ice Cream Cake”


3. “Dumb Dumb”


4. “One Of These Nights”


5. “Russian Roulette”


6. “Rookie”


7. “Red Flavor”


8. “Peek-A-Boo”


9. “Bad Boy”


10. “#CookieJar”


11. “Power Up”


12. “RBB (Really Bad Boy)”


13. “Sappy”


14. “Zimzalabim”


15. “Umpah Umpah”


16. “Psycho”

Red Velvet