5 Times Red Velvet’s Yeri Proved She’s The Ultimate IU Stan

Who’s the biggest UAENA: you or Yeri?

If you think you’re a hardcore UAENA, just wait until you see Red Velvet‘s Yeri. Here are five times she proved herself to be the ultimate (and most successful) IU stan.

1. When she sang “Eight” impromptu

In true UAENA fashion, Yeri is always ready to break out into an IU song. During a live broadcast she held on Instagram last year, IU’s collaboration with BTS‘s Suga started playing on the radio. Yeri was busy chatting with fans at the time, but as soon as “Eight” came on the radio, she immediately started singing along.

With droplets of rain falling on the car’s windows at the time, the atmosphere was so perfect that her singalong felt destined.

2. When she prepared a special cover

Christmas is the time of giving, and it seems like that’s what Yeri had in mind when she started rolling out the gifts she had prepared for her fans. For her YouTube reality show, Yeri’s Room, she prepared a special Christmas series called “Yeri’s Music Gifts”—different song covers she she performed live with a guitar. One of the covers she lovingly prepared was of IU’s “BBIBBI”, and she definitely did the song justice.

3. When she danced to “BBIBBI”

Of course, Yeri doesn’t just sing to IU’s songs—she also dances to them. Before she covered “BBIBBI”, Yeri also recorded a dance cover of it. In the adorable video, which fans believe was shot by Red Velvet’s leader Irene, Yeri and her bandmate Seulgi can be seen dancing to the song.

The singers both made sure to add their own special touch to the cover, so there’s no doubt IU must have enjoyed watching it.

4. When she joined the #Celeb_Challenge

One of the promotional events IU prepared for her recent comeback, “Celebrity”, was the “#Celeb_Challenge” that took social media by storm. As part of the challenge, fans and celebrities alike from all over the world posted videos that revealed the side that they always show to the world along with the side that they usually keep hidden. Proclaiming herself a true UAENA, Yeri joined the challenge with her own sweet video. After she tagged IU in the post, the star soloist commented, “So beautiful.”

5. When she gushed over a gift

In many ways, Yeri is just like any other hardcore UAENA. Of course, there is one difference—she’s also one of IU’s closest friends in real life. To show her love and support, IU once gifted Yeri a special dress for her YouTube show, Yeri’s Room. Later, Yeri gushed over how the dress came from IU herself.

Before the episode aired, Yeri posted a photo of herself wearing the dress on Instagram and tagged IU. After seeing it, fans speculated that IU may be a guest on Yeri’s Room, but unfortunately, the soloist didn’t make an appearance. With the show’s second season coming up this year, here’s hoping the two BFFs can appear together and show off their friendship.