8 Times People Had No Clue They Were Talking To Famous K-Pop Idols

How did they miss that?

Could you imagine coming face to face with a K-Pop idol and not recognizing them for who they are? As crazy as it sounds some idols have completely gone unnoticed by fans and strangers alike! Sometimes these idols are later recognized and sometimes they aren’t.


1. The time EXO’s Suho posed for a photo just because he was handsome


A Korean man was just traveling with his friends in Japan when he met up with another Korean guy…who just happened to be Suho! The gentleman asked if he could take a photo with him because he thought Suho was so handsome and Suho agreed. It wasn’t until much later when the man uploaded the photo onto Facebook that he learned just who he had taken a picture with!


2. When nobody believed they were in the presence of SHINee’s Taemin

Taemin attempted to surprise fans when he entered a Kakao chatroom dedicated to him. The only problem was that nobody actually believed it was him and was kicked out by the moderator because of one of his comments.


To prove himself and to interact with fans, Taemin sent a candid photo with a hand-written caption stating, “I really am Taemin. Please invite me to the chatroom again.” Luckily, the fans realized it had to be him and invited him back into the group!


3. The one time TWICE literally watched fans perform “TT” but nobody noticed

In 2017, TWICE headed off to New York for KCON. While there the girls did a little sightseeing and Jungyeon and Tzuyu stumbled upon a dance group covering their song “TT”. The crowd of people gathered to watch were so engrossed in the performance they totally missed the fact that two of the members were right behind them!


4. When BTOB’s Changsub violated chatroom rules and wasn’t let back in

Changsub also tried to surprise fans with a visit to a chatroom dedicated to him but with some rather unexpected results. The first thing he did was introduce himself but was quickly kicked out by the moderator for breaking one of the chatroom rules. Changsub then attempted to get back in explaining the situation and apologizing for breaking the rules via Instagram but unfortunately, he was never invited back in!


5. That guy who hung out with EXO’s Suho and SHINee’s Minho and didn’t know who they were

Anyone remember Exciting India? How about that guy who casually asked Minho and Suho to take a photo of him and his family? Yeah, we do too! After the two stars happy took a photo for the man they chatted with him for a while.


But it took two years for the man to realize exactly who they were!


6. That time nobody realized TWICE’s Mina was standing right next to them

At the same time that Jungyeon and Tzuyu were sneaking around behind a crowd of fans, some other people never realized they were standing right next to Mina!  Several fans flocked to the store that Momo, Chaeyoung, and Sana had entered, and began taking photos.


But everyone failed to notice that Mina was standing outside with them!


7. That time HyunA went completely unnoticed in a coffee shop

While HyunA was eventually identified by a few fans most of the customers at one coffee shop were totally oblivious to the fact that they were in the presence of such a big star!


8. That time Super Junior photobombed some tourists in Switzerland and they didn’t find out who they were until later

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, Donghae, and Eunhyuk popped into one tourist’s photos when they were on a trip to Switzerland. When the people attempted to take a photo the three members kept meddling with their shots and it wasn’t until after they introduced themselves and made friends that their fellow tourists found out who they were. Let’s just say they were very surprised to have met 3 members from one of the biggest K-Pop groups!