Reimagining BTS’s Jungkook As Your Boyfriend

For all those who want to feel what it’s like to date him!

BTS‘s Jungkook is one of the hottest male celebrities right now, and it really doesn’t take a genius to understand why.

One, he’s drop dead gorgeous.

Two, he’s absolutely adorable.

And three, he’s the perfect boyfriend material!

Can you imagine him getting ready for your dates?

And seeing him clearly excited to take pictures of you?

He’ll randomly send you selfies, whether they’re serious…

…or funny!

Imagine him sitting in front of you during a meal.

You’ll have the time of your life going on trips with him.

The best part would probably be seeing him sleep beside you.

Together, you’ll taste expensive drinks…

…or maybe just eat cup noodles.

He’ll willingly show you his silly side.

As well as his playful side.

He’ll make time to talk to you even if he’s busy…

…or tired from work that day.

Because that’s just who he is…

…Jeon Jungkook, your loving (and hot) boyfriend!