10+ Relatable Fan Reactions To BTS’s “Savage Love” Remix

BTS’s collaboration with Jason Derulo is here, and ARMY’s loving it.

BTS and Jason Derulo have released their highly anticipated “Savage Love” remix, and it did not disappoint. Here are 10+ relatable fan reactions!

1. Question of the day

2. The “f” word

3. You with either love the remix or you will love it

4. Sonnet by SOPE

5. This meme = all of us

6. He’s too old to be grounded now…unless?

7. J-Hope, Tamer of Beats

8. SOPE is one person: confirmed!

9. This small but sweet gesture

10. Welcome to October 2nd, 2020

11. Too much to handle

12. ARMY.exe has stopped working. Please reboot.

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