10+ Relatable Netizen Reactions To The “Unexpected” Finale Of Netflix’s “Physical: 100”

#4 was a heartbreaking moment.

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On February 21, Netflix‘s hottest survival program Physical: 100 sadly came to an end.

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Out of 100 contestants, one player bested 99 others to be crowned the winner—but it wasn’t easy! Viewers understandably had a lot to say about the finale.

Read on to see the most relatable netizen reactions to the final episode. If you want to know who won, check out #11!

1. The Tile Flip Game

2. Luge Athlete Park Jin Yong’s Message

3. Sung Bin’s Elimination

4. Unpopular Sports

5. Mountain Rescuer Kim Min Cheol

6. Final Players’ Lack Of Screen Time

7. Alternative Ending

8. Jung Hae Min’s Build

9. The Sung Bin Effect

10. “Best Variety Show” From Netflix

11. Physical: 100 Winner: CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong

Congratulations to Woo Jin Yong! Not familiar with the athlete? Check out six fascinating facts about him in the article below.

Who Is He? Meet The Winner Of Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Who Beat 99 Other Contestants In The Search For The “Perfect Physique”

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