10+ Reactions To BIGBANG’s Comeback Announcement That Are Too Real For Any VIP

Worth the wait!

If you haven’t heard already, the long-awaited comeback of BIGBANG is finally happening.

BIGBANG | YG Entertainment

So, naturally, we all are freaking out. Here are 10+ of the most relatable reactions to the news…

1. They really kept their promise🥺

2. Are Some of y’all still sleeping?

3. Now, this is music to our ears

4. Legendary rappers

5. BIGBANG’s impact is next level

6. Hiatus group? Couldn’t be BIGBANG

7. Actual footage of us right now

8. A rollercoaster of emotions

9. We will always wait for you, BIGBANG

10. Everyone is going to want to be in the audience for this one

11. Got to let the world know

12. Resurrected

13. Worth the wait

14. We’re survivors