Here Are The Representative K-Pop Songs For Every Year Since 2007, According To Netizens

How many of these are in your playlist?

Tons of great K-Pop songs are made every single year!

Netizens on the popular online community Nate Pann recently discussed the songs they believe to be the representative songs for each year from 2007 to 2020. These songs are still beloved by K-Pop fans years after their release, and they’re considered K-Pop classics.

Here are the representative K-Pop songs for every year since 2007, according to netizens!

1. 2007: “Tell Me” (Wonder Girls)

This song never gets old!

“Tell Me” has a cool ’80s-inspired retro vibe, and its catchy synth riff is nearly impossible to get out of your head! The song also inspired a dance craze in South Korea due to its easy-to-learn choreography.

2. 2008: “Haru Haru” (BIGBANG)

This hip-hop ballad is truly iconic!

“Haru Haru” shows that BIGBANG can truly do it all as they expertly and seamlessly blend orchestral music, dance music, and hip-hop all in one song.

3. 2009: “Gee” (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation took the K-Pop world by storm with this song!

“Gee” was named the most popular song of the 2000s by Melon, and many people consider it to be Girls’ Generation’s signature song. Thanks to its catchy lyrics and fun choreography, “Gee” never gets old!

4. 2010: “Bad Girl, Good Girl” (Miss A)

Miss A’s debut song became an instant hit!

The song is a clap back at men who judge women for the way they dress and dance. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” became super popular right away, and Miss A earned their first music show win for the song just 22 days after their debut!

5. 2011: “Roly Poly” (T-ARA)

“Roly Poly” proves just how great disco can be!

This song is accompanied by a 12-minute music video that tells the story of a middle-aged woman remembering her younger days as a disco queen. “Roly Poly” was the most downloaded K-Pop song of 2011 despite being released halfway through the year!

6. 2012: “Alone” (SISTAR)

SISTAR left the K-Pop world shook with their sexy concept for “Alone!”

The song’s lyrics perfectly depict the loneliness that comes after a breakup. In the music video and their performances of the song, the SISTAR members strike the perfect balance between sexiness, sultriness, and classiness. The song’s concept is so timeless that it still feels new to many fans even though it came out nearly 10 years ago!

7. 2013: “Growl” (EXO)

This EXO song is often considered the group’s breakthrough single, and it’s a K-Pop classic!

“Growl” is the perfect blend of dance-pop, funk, R&B, and hip-hop. The song is super catchy and it’s nearly impossible to stop from singing and dancing along to it. “Growl” was listed at #2 on Melon’s list of the Top 100 K-Pop Songs of All Time, and Billboard listed the song at #58 on their list of the 100 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time.

8. 2014: “Eyes, Nose, Lips” (BIGBANG’s Taeyang)

This super emotional ballad never gets old!

“Eyes, Nose, Lips” gives Taeyang’s voice plenty of time to shine, and the heartfelt lyrics resonate with people all over the world. Even K-Pop fans who aren’t fluent in Korean know all the words to this song!

9. 2015: “Bang Bang Bang” (BIGBANG)

“Bang Bang Bang” is just incredible!

This high-energy song easily moves from bombastic verses into a trap-infused breakdown for the chorus, and it ends with another epic breakdown as the group chants “let the bass drum go.” “Bang Bang Bang” takes listeners on a musical journey, and we’ve all been loving the ride since 2015!

10. 2016: “Cheer Up” (TWICE)

TWICE had a huge hit with this song!

“Cheer Up” is super addictive and catchy, and the song’s unique blend of hip-hop, tropical house, and drum and bass is the epitome of the term JYP Entertainment created to describe TWICE’s music, “color pop.”

11. 2017: “Red Flavor” (Red Velvet)

This summery song never gets old!

Red Velvet rocks this funky dance-pop song, and the song’s summery vibe never feels out of place—even if you’re listening to it in winter! Billboard ranked “Red Flavor” as the second greatest K-Pop song of the entire 2010s decade, which proves just how massive of a hit the song is.

12. 2018: “Love Scenario” (iKON)

This song proved that even breakup songs can be bops!

“Love Scenario” is somehow chill and upbeat at the same time, and the piano riff that drives the beat is the perfect background for the beautiful lyrics.

13. 2019: “Boy with Luv” (BTS)

This bright, upbeat song was a massive hit!

The song’s catchy lyrics depict how important it is to find joy in the little things when it comes to love and life in general. When the video for “Boy with Luv” was released, it broke the record for the most views in 24 hours!

14. 2020: “Dynamite” (BTS)

“Dynamite” was BTS’s first song recorded fully in English, AND their first #1 on Billboard!

This funky song is full of catchy lyrics, and it’s the perfect soundtrack to nearly every situation.

Source: Nate Pann