Behind Every Great K-Pop Photocard There’s An Even Greater Picture

The photos are just as iconic!

In the dynamic K-Pop online scene,  where every moment and gesture of an idol becomes a cherished memory for fans, a new trend has recently emerged on Twitter. One that has captivated almost every fandom. Fans of different groups have started posting the real-life settings of iconic photocards featuring their favorite idols. This trend, while aesthetically delightful, has added a new layer to fan-idol interaction by providing a deeper insight into these legendary photocards.

Two of many iconic photocards from Red Velvet’s Irene. | SM Entertainment

1. EXO’s Chanyeol

Leading the pack, we have EXO’s Chanyeol. The photocard showcases him in his military uniform, providing a striking glimpse into his life during enlistment. Fans paired this with a picture of the same background, revealing Chanyeol looking just as handsome as he does on the selfie.

2. Red Velvet’s Irene

Next up is Red Velvet’s Irene, looking ever-so-charming while sipping on a milk latte in a photocard shot by none other than her groupmate Seulgi. Fans located the very spot in the café where the photo was taken, adding a dose of extra warmth to the whole experience.


SEVENTEEN’s DK follows up with an adorable photocard of him posing next to a sheep. The reveal of the exact spot where this legendary card was taken has sent fans into a frenzy. The charm of DK with a cute sheep, combined with the quaint countryside setting, is nothing short of magic.

4. Red Velvet’s Joy

Also from Red Velvet, Joy’s iconic photocard taken during her solo album jacket shoot inside a bus made waves online. Joy also posted a picture unveiling the same bus setting highlighted the exact aura that Joy carried that day, making the photocard all the more special.

5. IVE’s Wonyoung

IVE’s Wonyoung, the adorable maknae, is seen in her photocard wearing pink and making a cute facial expression that’s pure Wonyoung. Another selfie of Wonyoung in the same background was posted, amplifying the charm and cuteness of the original photo.

6. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo rides into the scene with his photocard taken while he’s on a motorcycle. This ‘cool’ backdrop found by fans takes the overall rugged and adventurous vibe of the photocard up a notch.

7. NCT’s Renjun

Our beloved NCT’s Renjun’s cute photocard has him surrounded by plushies, which fans effortlessly matched with the original background. As if the photocard itself wasn’t cute enough, a photo taken in the same setting with even more plushies revealed made the fans collectively ‘aww’ even more.

8. ENHYPEN’s Sunoo

Lastly, we have ENHYPEN’s Sunoo, gracing us with his photocard where he’s seen with pink hair, sitting next to a white wall adorned with scribed drawings. Fans were able to see the full background in another picture of Sunoo and it encapsulates the overall playful and artistic mood of the photocard.