The Most Ridiculous Idol Group Merchandise According To Korean Fans

From plushies to lip molds, K-Pop has all there is to offer.

K-Pop idol group management agencies design “official goods”, or merchandise that fans can purchase and collect to show major love and support. While most goods charm the buyers immediately, some inevitably raise questions. Check out these ridiculous merchandise that went on sale to truly shock the fans.


1. GOT7 GOTOON Dolls

These plushies represent each member of the boy group GOT7… if you can tell who’s who without looking at the names!


2. EXO Rings

Even the most fashionable EXO-Ls definitely didn’t know what to think about these EXO acrylic rings.


3. EXO Laver Snacks

While “crispy laver snacks” can be a healthy alternative to potato chips, EXO fans couldn’t bring themselves to eat more than a bag…


4. SHINee Hats

With this hat, any fan could become a member of SHINee by pulling down the mask part that had the members’ face printed on them.


5. TVXQ Utensils

Just so the fans don’t ever forget their love for TVXQ even at the dinner table, this veteran boy group sold a spoon and chopsticks set.


6. BIGBANG’s Daesung Mold

With this up-close-and-personal mold, fans can recreate the nose and lips of BIGBANG‘s Daesung, in edible form!


BONUS — Yoo Seung Jun’s Lips

Back in the days, when Yoo Seung Jun was a popular singer / dancer in Korea, fans could always carry a piece of him in their pockets with this super creepy and realistic lip replica!