RIIZE’s Sungchan Surprises Netizens With How Different He Looks Depending On His Hairstyle

Here are the other top options.

RIIZE‘s Sungchan has the kind of face that everyone can agree is good looking. He has classically handsome features that match any fashion, makeup, and hairstyle. According to Korean netizens, however, there are certain haircuts that truly elevate his visuals

1. Bowl Cut

First up, this so-called “bowl cut” is the least favorite of the bunch. More of a layered bowl cut than a traditional straight one, this is the hairstyle that netizens consider the “least attractive,” with some saying that they’re “angry at the salon” for their “bad quality job.”

It is what SM Entertainment stylists chose for the pre-debut concept photos of RIIZE.

Sungchan still managed to look handsome despite the polarizing haircut, with some saying that his face does most of the heavy lifting.

2. Thick and Floppy

In contrast, one of his most universally loved hairstyles was one he had when he was in NCT. His hair was brown and floppy, with light bangs effortlessly falling to the side of his face.

It made him look extra refreshing and youthful in a boy-next-door sort of way.

Netizens couldn’t help but comment that he “looks like a prince” especially with this haircut.

3. Short Black Hair

On the other hand, Sungchan also looks flawless in cropped black hair. A netizen commented after seeing this GIF, “I feel even more robbed,” since he did not keep this ultra-cool style for long.

4. Present Day

Finally, his current style is a simple brown hairdo that frames his face in a pleasing manner.

It elevates his classically handsome features and gives him a more mature aura.

Overall, it is a testament to how good looking Sungchan is that he can have any hairstyle and still look drop dead gorgeous!

Source: Instiz