6 Times RIIZE’s Wonbin Made Our Jaws Drop With His Flawless Bare-Faced Visuals

He looks almost unreal in #3.

RIIZE‘s Wonbin is once again going viral due to his incredible looks!

RIIZE’s Wonbin

Proving that he’s one of the most prolific visuals of this generation, he even looks great without a hint of makeup on. Check out proof of this below!

1. In a live video

First up, netizens most recently clamored over his bare faced visuals in an October 8 video of the group.

He looked exactly the same without makeup as he does with it. Fans noted that he is “so beautiful,” that he “looks even better like this,” and that he’s “super cool.”

2. In the video version

He’s confident in his appearance—and rightfully so!

The camera, after all, loves him.

We can watch him flip his hair all day.

3. In a waiting room

He isn’t shy to post photos without makeup such as this one in the waiting room.

4. A car selfie

This selfie taken in the car proves that his skin is flawless.

5. In a casual day

He does not need to do anything significant to make fans fall for him.

6. While resting

Finally even with food in his mouth, he is still stunning!

One thing is certain: Wonbin’s face card never declines!

Source: theqoo