The Top 20 Greatest K-Pop Songs In HISTORY, According To Rolling Stone

Did you faves make the list?

Recently, American music publication Rolling Stone released its list titled The 100 Greatest Song In The History Of Korean Pop Music. The list was “crafted by a panel of music journalists and critics, both based in Korea and the United States” and features songs from the 1920s.

Many great artists made the list, but here are the ones that made the top 20!

20. “Tears Of Mokpo” — Lee Nan Young

“Tears Of Mokpo” was released in 1935.

19. “Ditto” — NewJeans

“Ditto” was released in 2022 by NewJeans as the first single form their album OMG.

18. “No. 1” — BoA

“No. 1” was released in 2009 by BoA on her No. 1 album.

17. “4 Walls” — f(x)

“4 Walls” was released in 2015 on f(x)‘s album of the same name.

16. “Lucifer” — SHINee

“Lucifer” was released in 2010 on SHINee‘s album of the same name.

15. “TT” — TWICE

“TT” was released in 2016 on TWICE’s TWICEcoaster: LANE 1 album.

14. “Beautiful Woman” — Shin Joong Hyun and Yup Juns

“Beautiful Woman” was released in 1974 on Shin Joong Hyun and Yup Juns‘ first self-titled album.

13. “Red Flavor” — Red Velvet

“Red Flavor” was released in 2017 on Red Velvet’s The Red Summer.

12. “Sorry, Sorry” — Super Junior

“Sorry, Sorry” was released in 2009, first as a digital single then included in Super Junior’s album of the same name.

11. “Wa” — Lee Jung Hyun (also known as Ava)

“Wa” was released in 1999 as a single.

10. “Tell Me” — Wonder Girls

“Tell Me” was released in 2008 on the Wonder GirlsThe Wonder Years.

9. “I Know” — Seo Taiji And Boys

“I Know” was the debut single from Seo Taiji And Boys’ 1992 self-titled album.

8. “I Am The Best” — 2NE1

“I Am The Best” was released in 2011 on the 2NE1’s 2NE1 album.

7. “Haru Haru” — BIGBANG

“Haru Haru” was released in 2008 on BIGBANG’s Stand Up album.


“DDU-DU DDU-DU” was released in 2018 on BLACKPINK‘s Square Up album.

5. “Short Hair” — Cho Yong Pil

“Short Hair” was released in 1980 on Choi Yong Pil’s Woma Outside The Window. 

4. “Spring Day” — BTS

“Spring Day” was released in 2017 on BTS’s You Never Walk Alone.

3. “Good Day” — IU

“Good Day” was released in 2010 on IU’s Real album.

2. “Candy” — H.O.T.

“Candy” was released in 1996 on H.O.T.’s We Hate All Kinds Of Violence album.

1. “Gee” — Girls’ Generation

“Gee” was released in 2009 on Girls’ Generation‘s digital single of the same name.

Source: Rolling Stone