20 Debuting Rookies Who Are More Gorgeous Than They Have Any Right To Be

These debuting rookies are making 2019 a very beautiful year.

2019 is bringing fresh talent to the K-Pop world, and with that talent comes many beautiful, new faces. Here are just 20 of the gorgeous rookies who have already made their debut this year or will be making it soon!


1. Yuna (ITZY)


2. HueningKai (TXT)


3. Yuju (Cherry Bullet)


4. Junseo (1the9)


5. Priyanka (Z-Girls)


6. Gyehyeon (VERIVERY)


7. Mavin (Z-Boys)


8. Seoho (Oneus)


9. Bitsaeon (M.O.N.T)


10. Xiao Jun (WayV)


11. Chaeryeong (ITZY)


12. Soobin (TXT)


13. May (Cherry Bullet)


14. Jinsung (1the9)


15. Carlyn (Z-Girls)


16. Kangmin (VERIVERY)


17. Roy (Z-Boys)


18. Xion (Oneus)


19. Narachan (M.O.N.T)


20. Hendery (WayV)