Here Are All The Rumored Names Of SM Entertainment’s New Girl Group

Which one are you rooting for?

As 2020 rolls on, fans of SM Entertainment are growing more and more impatient waiting for the company’s new girl group to debut. Rumor has it the group could be greeting fans before the end of this year, but no one no idea what to expect—including where their name is concerned. Over the years, there have been numerous rumors around the new girl group’s potential name. Here are all of the possibilities, including their meanings and likelihoods.

1. White Fox

As far as most early fans of SM Entertainment’s future girl group can remember, “White Fox” was the first ever rumored name for the group. While no one is quite sure how it originated, it was the assumed name of the SM Rookies girls all the way back in 2015.

2. Moonlight Angels

Another one of the earliest name rumors is “Moonlight Angels”. Coincidentally, former SM Rookies member Yeri (now a member of Red Velvet) once revealed she decided to become a singer after reading a manga called Moonlight Angel.


Over the years, a lot of four-letter name rumors for the new girl group have come to light. One of them is “LYFE”. SM Entertainment actually trademarked the name all the way back in 2016, renewing the trademark a few years later. Some have speculated that “LYFE” could be an acronym for “Love You For Ever” or “Live Young For Ever”.

Hina, a rumored member of the new girl group.


Another possible name trademarked by SM Entertainment is “SPRY”, which has been registered for the past two years. Spry is an adjective meaning lively or energetic, so a group with this name would likely have a vibrant concept.

Ningning, a rumored member of the new girl group.

5. Purple Rain

“Purple Rain” is one of the new girl group’s most recent name rumors. However, many fans are vehemently against it. For one, there’s already a Korean rock band called Purple Rain. On top of that, it’s remarkably similar to the names of two recent K-Pop girl groups, Purple Kiss and PurpleBeck.



SM Entertainment has a lot of trademarks registered that could turn out of be group names. One of their held trademarks is “FRNZ”, and for a while, many people thought it could be the name of the new girl group. However, it soon turned out that SMTOWN FRNZ is a series of mascot designs the company created for events and workshops. Many of the FRNZ characters’ names (such as HAPPIECOLLIE and PRETTYFLOWER) were also mistaken for potential group names in the past.

7. High Teen

Next on the list is “High Teen”. If the name sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because “High Teen” is a fashion style recently popularized by BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, characterized by pleated skirts, scrunchies, and other retro clothing pieces. While it could be a great name for a group, its immediate association with Jennie likely means it’s not on the cards for SM Entertainment.


Yet another four-letter trademark on SM Entertainment’s list is “ANDY”. Since “ANDY” doesn’t have any meaning of its own (except being a common shortened version of the male name Andrew), if this turns out to be the new girl group’s name, it’s likely it will be an acronym.

Koeun, a former SM Rookies member.

9. Siren

Some people think there’s a chance the company’s new girl group could be called “Siren”, but it’s far more likely that “Siren” will be one of the group’s songs instead. A few months ago, a songwriter attending SM Entertainment’s song camp posted a spoiler of several songs they were working on. Among them was “Siren”, under the artist name “NGG” (likely standing for New Girl Group). Other songs on the list of the new girl group included “Mine” and “No Problems”.

| @kole.songs/Instagram

10. MUSE

The possibility of “MUSE” as a name for the new girl group first surfaced in January 2019 when SM Entertainment announced an animation called Shining Star. In the animation, main character dreams of becoming the best idol, or “Muse”. After some of the SM Rookies members sang an OST for the show, fans wondered if the two were connected. In Greek mythology, the “Muses” were nine goddesses of the arts, leading many to believe “MUSE” could be a nine-member girl group. However, many have pointed out the obvious similarity to existing girl group 9Muses.

| Star Empire Entertainment


“ELITE” is another of the most popular name rumors. Since its inception, some have speculated that it could be stylized as “ELITƎ”, with the backwards “E” representing a second side to the group’s concept, similar to Red Velvet.

| SM Entertainment

12. ERA

There are many reasons why people think “ERA” could be the name of SM Entertainment’s new girl group. For one, it would fit right in with EXO and NCT, both of which also have three letters. On top of that, it would represent a new era of music, similarly to the new generation of Girls’ Generation.

| SM Entertainment