Here Are 20+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 152 That You Need To See

#5 is one of the funniest things Jungkook has ever said!

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In episode 152 of Run BTS!, BTS compete against each other in a trivia game of “Throwback Songs,” beginning with songs from their childhood.

Here are 20+ moments, in no particular order, that you need to see…

1. Suga main vocalist

2. Jungkook is their baby

3. J-Hope do be vibing

4. V’s reaction to the cartoon

5. Jungkook is so effortlessly funny!

6. V being identical to the Cardcaptor Sakura theme song

7. When Jungkook helped out his big bros

8. Low-key the funniest moment of all

9. Is it even a Run BTS! episode if YoonMin don’t bicker?

10. When it turned out that RM didn’t know as much as he thought

11. The music moved them

12. This jumpscare

13. The soulmates

14. Jungkook is about to start a second career in the NBA

15. When Jin helped Jimin finally score a point

16. This adorable moment

17. RM and Jin sharing the same brain cell

18. When V’s fluffy hair and hat protected him

19. Jimin showing off his dance skills

20. Whatever sound effect Jungkook just created

21. V channeling his inner tiger

22. Pikachu fanboy: Jeon Jungkook

Source: BTS