The Top 15 Funniest “Run BTS!” Moments Of 2021…So Far

It’s a chaotic comedy show.

Run BTS! is the best place to see BTS being BTS. This hilarious variety show has given us so many funny moments, including these 15  from 2021. Which one is your favorite?

J-Hope | Run BTS!/Weverse

1. Jimin choosing violence because Suga refused to “die”

2. Jin threatening Na Young Suk with “the power of ARMY”

3. Jungkook using J-Hope’s butt for ping pong practice

4. RM bringing back the “no jams” joke

5. J-Hope running for his life

6. Suga exposing ARMY’s love for J-Hope’s “Baepsae” hip thrusts

7. Warrior V breaking character

8. These “broke millionaires” negotiating for more food

9. Jimin and Suga’s endless teasing

10. Jungkook hiding cards in his pants

11. Jungkook’s mom telling Jimin she loves him

12. V’s reaction to a YouTube ad

13. Jimin clowning RM about not having a driver’s license

14. Jin’s next-level confidence

What other answer was he expecting from Worldwide Handsome?

Na Young Suk | Run BTS!/Weverse
Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse

15. Every single moment of episode 131

It’s all fun and games until the staff has water guns! BTS suffered endless splash attacks from beginning to end.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

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