10+ Moments From “Run BTS TV On-Air” Special Episode Part 1 That Everyone Needs To See

#14 is too cute!

Run BTS! is back with another special episode.

BTS returned for another special of Run BTS! titled “Run BTS TV On-Air.” This time, the concept was that the members of BTS were going to be watching “live broadcasts” by the rest of the members. Each member held a live broadcast for the topic of their choice, such as gaming, drumming, painting, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of the group would interact like ARMYs would on a live broadcast.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

Check out 10+ must-see moments from “Run BTS TV On-Air” Special Episode Part 1…

1. When RM used a GIF of himself

2. Suga, RM, and Jimin asking J-Hope to do some sexy dancing

3. BTS’s reactions to Jin playing a horror game

4. “UGH!” playing when Suga got upset at Jin’s comment

5. CEO Suga

6. Not @ BTS calling Jungkook out

7. They’re just like us, for real.

8. When Jimin stole from V

9. J-Hope feeding baby birds

10. Jimin’s switch up

11. Photogenic V

12. JinKook’s bickering

13. Shoutout to Suga’s mom

14. J-Hope using a Jimin GIF, and Jimin’s reaction

15. J-Hope dancing like a flamingo

16. Jin’s reaction to RM using a GIF of him

17. Jungkook and Suga telling Jin not to curse

18. Jin referencing the film Whiplash

19. J-Hope and Jin’s love for ice cream

20. Jin being done with life after this game